What is Signage?

We’ve all seen printed posters in retail stores displaying special offers or advertising the latest products the store wants you to purchase. Although this method of advertising medium is still popular it takes large amount of human resources to deploy print marketing. The content needs to be designed, sent for printing, distributed via means of transport to a store or location, then it has to be installed on site. Doing this for a single store is a costly and lengthy process. Imagine if you have a chain of national or international stores! The cost and implementation of this is a great expense. Not only is this a great expense, it is also bad for the environment as it is only generally used once and then thrown away. Even when it arrives at a store, the manager needs to make sure it is installed and laid out correctly according to brand guidelines and for the time scheduled, this is called conformity. According to surveys, the conformity of print POS material being installed as scheduled is as low as 5%.

Now, imagine if you could apply the same message in a more dynamic, creative and interactive way. Latest news, offers and information updated to your potential customers at the push of a button, nationally and internationally and also have 100% conformity.

All this is possible with a Digital Signage System

Scan 3XS Systems works in partnership with Beabloo Digital Marketing and Analytics solutions to provide a complete end to end digital signage solution. Not only is Scan 3XS the official manufacturer of Beabloo certified media players in the UK, we work hand in hand with Beabloo as its official hardware partner, designing new and innovative solutions. Our media players are used worldwide by our channel of dedicated partners.

Scan 3XS hardware together with Beabloo Digital Marketing and Analytics solutions helps organisations to communicate more effectively with their audience. We work closely with you to install the right solution to match your requirements. Once deployed you are able to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and gain powerful insights to your potential audience to help achieve your KPI’s.

Static Advertising

Digital Signage Advertising

No matter how good static advertising it will never have the impact that a Digital Signage system can offer. Digital Signage is by far, the most effective way to communicate information. It has the ability to gain people’s attention over that of static marketing, thus driving attention to the marketing campaigns and helps to portray information in a more exciting and deliverable manner. The medium used to display this content is vast.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage comes in many forms with the most popular being large format screens. These screens look very similar to a regular TV at home but are manufactured with higher quality components so they are able to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the past companies used to create content and save it to a USB stick and connect the USB stick to the screen to play the content. Although this content looked much better than printed marketing it was a very clunky method of getting your new creative material onto a screen. It wasn’t too bad if you had a single store with one screen but when you had more screens it was a very tedious process. Although this method of displaying digital media has been around for a number of years, some digital signage system still use this outdated method. An alternative to this outdated method of updating content on a Digital Signage System is to use a cloud based content management system.

What are the Advantages of Digital Signage?

Earlier we explained briefly what was needed to deliver your printed marketing assets to stores and in some cases how low the conformity was for this. Well, with a Scan 3XS Digital Signage system all that can be a thing of the past. Has your competitor just brought the price down of a product you also sell or do you need to get an important piece of information across to your audience? Simply login to the web based CMS and update your screens with your new price or important message and in just a few clicks and all your screens are updated! No having to send information to your printers or waiting for your new POS to arrive and be displayed. In just a few minutes your whole organisation is up to date.

If you compare how much you spend on print material for light boxes or posters, a digital signage system can pay for itself in a very short space of time and not only this, it’s also a reusable system compared to print. With a Digital Signage System not only are you able to react to changing marketing trends at the drop of a hat, you’re saving money and being kinder to the environment.

Digital Signage Solutions

There are many forms of Digital Signs from single large format LED / LCD screens, multi-screen video walls, free standing kiosks, shelf edge displays and tablet type devices to name just a few and we can offer a combination of any or a single type.

Single Large Format LED / LCD Screens

Single displays are the most common form of Digital Signs. These screens are commercial grade and are some are designed to be operated 24/7. When connected to a 3XS media player, the screen becomes a digital sign that can mounted in either landscape or portrait design. These screens are a powerful tool to enhance customer attention and boost sales or informative material.

Video Wall Displays

When you require to showcase your messaging over a large space, a video wall is a great way to present content. To create a near seamless video wall, the screens used are different to standalone screens as video wall screens have very small bezels which when sat next to each other are an effective way to increase the overall space to promote your message which can be viewed at a much greater distance.

Totems & Kiosks

Totems and Kiosks are a way of positioning a digital screen in an area where wall mounting solutions aren’t available. These display devices simply require a power socket and a media player. The screen is built into the freestanding design which in a totem is generally in portrait. These screens can be double sided and touch enabled. Kiosks can be used in much the same way as a totem and can also used as a point of sale or informative device.

Shelf Edge Display

Shelf edge in retail, especially convenience stores is a prime target for advertising. Shelf edge displays are micro-digital screens approximately 9cm across, laid out in a row, next to one another. These screens sit on the edge of shelves are able to display many forms of content such as pictures, videos and pricing in a more appealing way, grabbing the attention of your potential clients. Shelf edge screens are fully customisable in length to suit your display area.

What is a Content Management System?

A Digital Signage content management system is an interface that facilitates many different roles for your organisational needs to deploy and manage any number of Digital signage solutions.

• The CMS is a place to store all the digital assets you will use to deploy a successful signage solution such as pictures and videos.

• Here you will find templates and page layouts for your digital media to create programmes that will appear on your screens.

• Schedule programmes so that they are live at specific dates and times, which is used to create programmes for special events such as flash sales or the launch of new products on certain days or times.

• Easy user or group management permissions management, so that specific users can gain access to only certain parts of the CMS. Such as roles that only upload the creative content or others that assign certain content to certain screens at specific times or days.

• Content Management Systems either have local servers on each site or a cloud based system. The CMS Scan 3XS systems use as part of its Digital Signage offering is a web-based CMS called Beabloo. As a web-based CMS you are not required to pay for or host any local servers on your premises. Beabloo CMS is accessed from any device that can run a web browser. You don’t even need to install any third party software to manage your digital signage, be it a single screen in one small store or office or an entire national or international deployment, simply open a web browser, navigate to the URL of the CMS and login.

From here you can completely manage your whole Digital Signage operation.

Beabloo Digital Signage Solutions

The Beabloo Digital Signage solutions is a cloud based system. Each display device is connected to one of our media players which in turn connects to our cloud based Content Management Systems (CMS) through the internet.

Gone are the days of fumbling around plugging USB sticks into the back of screens, Beabloo’s dedicated cloud based CMS allows you to perform content updates, quickly, secure and with ease.

Content can be pushed to a single or infinite number of media players connected to a display device. With an easy to use cloud based content management system, you are able to react instantly to changing marketing trends and update informative and promotional material quickly, throughout your organisation whether it’s a single screen or a global network.

Our signage specialists have many years’ experience in the Digital Signage business. We help organisations understand how Digital Signs can benefit their operation. We will carefully listen to your request and help address any shortfalls in signage you may have, propose a solution that will work best and work alongside you and your colleagues in deploying a highly efficient and cost effective solution that can help your business grow and convey the messages you wish to share.

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