3XS Systems Configuration and Testing

What is it we here in Scan to make sure your machine is ready to rock?

What is it we here in Scan to make sure your machine is ready to rock?

pro audio interfaces

Every 3XS system we build here in Scan undergoes a series of component stress tests along the way. From overnight memory, soak tests, right through to lengthy 100% CPU load testing. This way we are able to test every component in the system running at its maximum performance level in order to be able to spot any potential issues, ensuring the most stable and problem free experience we can once it arrives.

Audio Software Tested

For all of our audio systems we also conduct what is known as a DPC test on every system. DPC (or a “Deferred Procedure Call”) is essentially how long it takes for anything software or hardware to make a request to the CPU for action and for it to respond with a completed workload. Driver guidelines can be a bit relaxed regarding what is permitted within a system and for audio users this can be make or break for how well your entire computer behaves when writing music. If a driver or device is holding on to the CPU for longer than is necessary, then the ASIO buffer will be forced to reset and throw away the waiting data which results in crackling audio and a ruined recording, meaning that even the most powerful of computers can be impacted by poor DPC.

Before we make any specification available, we test them thoroughly with latency monitoring software, which allows us to spot any potential driver and hardware issues, an ongoing process that helps guide our range choices. Similarly, before shipping any system out to you a further test is carried out which allows us to make sure that there are no driver conflicts within your chosen setup, which may otherwise hamper your creativity.

DPC Checking Tool

We of course test all of our Pro Audio workstations with a number of major sequencers during our initial configuration, testing and validation phase. These including Ableton, Cubase, Sonar, Pro-Tools & Reaper and we have experience of working with the majority of other solutions currently available, all this means that we can be confident in that all of our solutions will be able to meet your software needs straight out of the box.

If you have any questions regarding making a system the perfect fit to handle all of the your other kit, please do contact us here at Scan where we can discuss further testing or putting the right combination of hardware together for you.

3XS Support for When it Doesn't Go Smoothly

Of course while we try and ensure everything goes without a hitch, problems can develop over a machines lifetime outside of our control. Our 7 day support service which includes remote desktop support where you can invite us to remotely troubleshoot your system as well as a return to base service over three years, along with the option to swap hardware components onsite should a part fail during the first year.

7 Days a Week Support

To help with this all of our 3XS systems ship with diagnosis drive and a selection of utilities that can be used along with support from our team, to establish any underlying issue that may develop and work through it with you in quickly, allowing us to do our best to ensure that you’re back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our support phone lines and online chat support service is available 7 days a week and full details can be found on our dedicated support page.