When Scan Pro Audio designs a new system, we only use components which will ensure a low noise floor within the PC in order to help eliminate background interruptions in your working environment. With that in mind there are a few choices during the configuration of your machine that may help reduce this further.

Audio Software Tested

We test Pro Audio workstations with a number of major sequencers during our initial configuration testing and validation phase, including Ableton, Cubase, Sonar, Pro-Tools & Reaper as well as having experience of working with the majority of other solutions currently available so we can be confident that all of our solutions should be able to meet your needs straight out of the box.

To help achieve that, we work to ensure that all the parts made available on the configurator are tested to work well together. Manufacturers and software developers however do continue to tweak new versions of their devices over a products lifetime and there is always the potential for firmware and BIOS updates to make changes to devices at a very low level, meaning that on occasion the odd compatibility problem can creep in.

DPC Checking Tool

In order to spot those we then test each 3XS audio system prior to shipping from the Scan factory with a 24-hour stability and stress test, as well as running DPC checking tools to make sure none of the drivers are causing performance spikes that can otherwise cause the pops and clicks that plague some other systems during the audio recording process.

All this ties together to help ensure a quick and easy setup process and a machine ready to help you take control in the studio.

3XS Support for When it Doesn't Go Smoothly

Of course while we try and ensure everything goes without a hitch, problems can develop over a machines lifetime outside of our control. Our 7 day support service which includes remote desktop support where you can invite us to remotely troubleshoot your system as well as a return to base service over three years, along with the option to swap hardware components onsite should a part fail during the first year.

7 Days a Week Support

To help with this all of our 3XS systems ship with diagnosis drive and a selection of utilities that can be used along with support from our team, to establish any underlying issue that may develop and work through it with you in quickly, allowing us to do our best to ensure that you’re back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our support phone lines and online chat support service is available 7 days a week and full details can be found on our dedicated support page.