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3XS Carbon GL 2080
  • lg17 extreme g front
  • lg17 extreme g front angle
  • lg17 extreme g front angle2
  • lg17 extreme g rear
  • lg17 extreme g top
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080
  • Intel Core i9 9900K Eight Core
  • 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2666MHz
  • 500GB PCIe SSD & 2TB HDD
  • Microsoft Windows 10 64bit
  • 2 Year Premium Warranty

3XS Systems builds a variety of different shape and size gaming laptops based on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card, enabling you to pick the perfect blend of accompanying components including the CPU, memory, SSDs, HDDs plus an operating system and screen type.

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GeForce RTX Core i9
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