3XS Evolve NLE HD Plus

Super quiet video editing workstation with Intel Core i7 8700K and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

3XS Evolve NLE HD Plus
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System Overview

The Evolve NLE HD Plus is a high-performance PC designed and optimised for editing and colour grading Full HD and higher resolution offline video, available with up to 6 CPU cores and dual NVIDIA GPUs. Our default spec includes a 6-core Intel Core i7 8700K CPU with HT, professionally overclocked to 4.8GHz. This deft Coffee Lake CPU is partnered with 16GB of 2666MHz Corsair DDR4, an Asus Z370-P motherboard, a single 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, 256GB Samsung 860 PRO SATA SSD for the OS and a 1TB Samsung 860 PRO SATA SSD project drive. Configure your ideal 3XS Evolve NLE workstation today.

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System Powered By
  • Asus
  • Corsair
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Nvidia
  • EVGA
  • Scan serves up a whisper-quiet PC powerhouse, purpose-built to slice through 4K video production

    "Creating a cinematic blockbuster in your home may seem like a far-fetched proposition, but that's all in a day's work for the Scan 3XS Evolve NLE HD Plus. An impeccably neat interior, every cable neatly zip-tied and routed out of sight. The Scan's flush of SSDs puts it in a different league to anything we've seen before. The 480GB RAID5 array smashed past every machine we've ever seen. A superb build make for a PC that's both powerful and unusually quiet."

    PC Pro - 21 Jul 2014 5 out of 6 + Recommended Award
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