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The LBX99 SFF DAW takes the spec from our leading powerhouse system and merges it with the form factor of our smallest setup, giving an astoundingly powerful pick up and take anywhere solution for those needing to work on the road and out on location. With the ability to fit the i7 enthusiast series 6-core CPU, this DAW could prove a serious problem solver for a number of situations, including on location post production and editing or a small audio render box for VSL when used over Ensemble. Based around the NODE 304 case measuring a diminutive 250 x 210 x 374 mm (WxHxD mm) in size along with an ASROCK M-ITX X99 motherboard, we can still fit in up to 6 HDD's or SSD's meaning that you can squeeze in all your sound banks and sample libaries too, allowing you to pack up your whole software studio with relative ease to take out on the road, that when hooked up to a monitor or even one of our ultra portable USB screen options, means that you are no longer restricted to lower performance laptop CPU's when outside of the studio. Due to the system being based around an mITX board, the are limitations with a board of this size that may affect expandability options as the board is limited to a pair of memory slots only allowing up to 32GB of RAM. The other restriction due to space is that it only plays host to a single 16X PCIe slot, which will be taken up by the graphics card in the system, so the are no expansion slots left available in this specifications. The LBX99 - SFF DAW system simply offers the most amount of power, that we've ever managed to squeeze into a system of this size, if your space is at a premium this could well be the ideal solution.

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