3XS EZ390 - Music Production Computer

Scan EZ390 Music Production Computer Audio Workstation PC

3XS EZ390 - Music Production Computer
System Overview

Our EZ390 music production computer is based around the midrange Intel Coffeelake i5 chip and is our entry level overclocked option. Offering a total of 6 cores of processing power, as well as the option to upgrade to a i7 CPU if required for even larger performance boost. This music production computer system is designed for those with more modest requirements and as such is suitable for sound recording, audio editing and other general production duties meaning for example it is ideal for multitrack audio recording of small groups and bands, with enough processing power to run a good 30 - 40 channels of audio and effects, As with all of our music production computer configurations we consider acoustics from the ground up and we offer a number of cherry picked case options to ensure the system isn't intrusive to your audio recording in the studio. Other low noise computer components such as the well regarded Bequiet! series PSU's and CPU cooler solutions, also help bring the system sonic profile down and help keep the system running cool and efficiently with the minimum of audio disruption. This is the ideal music production computer for those with modest requirements from their studio system setup, as well as being a great introductory PC for those wishing to get into sound design and audio creation.

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