Receive up to £215 Cashback

With the purchase of ASUS Z690 Motherboards & Intel 12th gen CPU

Buy an eligible ASUS Z690 Motherboard + Intel Core CPU and receive up to £215 Cashback

Promotion Period: October 27th 2021 - November 30th 2021
Redemption Period: November 18th 2021 - December 14th 2021


Unprecedented CPU & Memory Performance

ASUS Z690 motherboards break all limits, with ASUS Enhanced Memory Profile bringing user-friendly tools to get light-speed DDR5 performance, and AI tech sending expertly tuned overclock frequencies and voltages to 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.


Reliable Power & Cooling

With teamed power delivery and thick heatsinks for the VRMs and chipset, ASUS Z690 motherboards can chart unknown territories of the latest Intel platform. Meanwhile, built-in M.2 heatsinks provide robust cooling for high-performance PCIe® 5.0 SSDs.



ASUS Z690 motherboards stand ready for PCIe 5.0 GPUs, M.2 drives and NVMe SSD RAID to achieve unprecedented performance. And onboard Thunderbolt™ 4 and WiFi 6E can deliver speedy file transfers, rapid load times, and smooth online gaming.


Innovative Easy DIY Designs

With an M.2 Q-Latch, M.2 backplates, the PCIe slot Q-Release button, SafeDIMM, PCIe 5.0 SafeSlots and Q-LED troubleshooting assistance, ASUS Z690 motherboards make PC DIY easier and more fun than ever before.

Eligible Products

Motherboard Intel Core i9-12900K

Intel Core i9-12900KF
Intel Core i7-12700K

Intel Core i7-12700KF
Intel Core i5-12600K

Intel Core i5-12600KF
ROG MAXIMUS Z690 EXTREME £135 £130 £120
ROG MAXIMUS Z690 FORMULA £100 £95 £85
ROG MAXIMUS Z690 APEX £100 £95 £85
ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO £100 £95 £85
ROG STRIX Z690-E GAMING WIFI £85 £75 £70
PROART Z690-CREATOR WIFI £85 £75 £70
ROG STRIX Z690-F GAMING WIFI £85 £75 £70
ROG STRIX Z690-G GAMING WIFI £85 £75 £70
ROG STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4 £85 £75 £70
ROG STRIX Z690-I GAMING WIFI £85 £75 £70
TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS WIFI D4 £75 £70 £60
TUF GAMING Z690-PLUS D4 £75 £70 £60
PRIME Z690-A £60 £50 £45
PRIME Z690-P WIFI £60 £50 £45
PRIME Z690-P £60 £50 £45
PRIME Z690-P WIFI D4 £60 £50 £45
PRIME Z690-P D4 £60 £50 £45
PRIME Z690M-PLUS D4 £60 £50 £45

How it works

1. Buy an eligible ASUS Z690 Mainbaord and Intel core CPU between October 27th and November 30th 2021 at a participating dealer

2. Enter the required information to the entry form between November 18th and December 14th 2021

3. After a short verification you will receive your Cashback directly to your bank account

ASUS Z690 Motherboards


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