Studio Monitors

Monitors are speakers or earphones designed specifically for listening to your productions. Pro speakers are different from home hi-fi speakers, in that rather than making the music sound nice like consumer products do, they try to make the frequency response as flat and even as possible at all sound levels so that there is little colouration to it.

Tekspek Read all technical info: Iso-Acoustics Desktop Speaker Stands

Timecode Solutions

Professional video production and filmmaking relies on accurate SMPTE timecode. Used extensively for synchronisation, logging and identifying material in recorded media, timecode is an electronic signal used in post to identify the precise location on time-based media like audio or video files. Connect all your devices on set over Wi-Fi or RF with our range of zero-drift slates, timecode, genlock and word clock generators. Updated 17.10.16


Video Mics

These microphones are designed to work with video cameras to capture broadcast-quality sound. Condenser microphones are small, which makes them perfect for recording in challenging spaces, and we have larger units for more open sets.


Wireless Video Mics

Wireless video mics differ from the usual wireless microphones, as the reciever can be battery powered and is normally mounted on a camera cold shoe.