Power Supplies

Fully Modular ATX Power Supplies

The gold standard in PSUs, these power supplies have fully modular cables which means you need to connect the cables your PC needs, resulting in a less cluttered, cooler-running and better looking PC.


Hybrid Modular ATX Power Supplies

Hybrid modular PSUs tend to have only the most essential cables permanently attached to the PSU, while extra PCIe, SATA and Molex connectors are supplied as modular cables. They're usually cheaper than fully modular PSUs, and are a cost-effective way of achieving a clean and tidy build.


Wired ATX Power Supplies

These traditional PSUs (power supply units) have no detachable cables, making them less flexible than modular models when it comes to cable management, but they offer the best value for money. Look out for extra features too like high efficiency ratings, sleeved or flat cables, LED lighting and quiet fans.