DIY Water Cooling

The two most critical components in a gaming PC, the CPU and the graphics card, generate a lot of waste heat that needs to be removed from the case. Water is a much better conductor of heat energy that air, so watercooling your PC could make it cooler, quieter and potentially allow you to overclock components further. This category encompasses all types of watercooling from all the individual components required to build a watercooling loop, including blocks, pumps, reservoirs, radiators, fans, tubing and different coloured fluids plus complete kits.

Concentrate Water Cooling Fluid

These concentrated coolants are designed to be mixed with deionised water to fill your water-cooled PC. Choose a wide variety of colours and finishes.


Premixed Water Cooling Fluid

The coolants here are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. They are designed to prevent corrosion and the growth of algae, both of which would prove problematic and reduce your systems cooling ability. Pre-mixed solutions are available in a wide variety of colours, including UV reactive ones.

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Motherboard Blocks

These are the smooth-faced chunks of metal that actually make contact with your components in a water-cooled rig. They can be used with processors, graphics cards, hard disks and chipsets, and many are only compatible with specific motherboards or third-party graphics cards, so double-check before you buy.


12/16mm (1/2"-5/8") Water Cooling Hose Fittings

Fittings are a critical component in a watercooling loop as they secure the flexible tubing between the various components, such as the blocks, pump, reservoir and radiator. The fittings in this category are designed to secure 12/16mm (1/2"-5/8") tubing and pre-threaded for easy installation.