Keyboard Instruments

If it has a keyboard and it generates a sound (as opposed to just controlling a computer), then you will find it here! Digital Pianos have hammer action keys to replicate as closely as possible the feel of a real piano keybed and many also have built in speakers so you don’t need additional amplification.

Keyboard Stands

Stands for musical keyboards.


Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos try to replicate the feel of a real piano using weighted or hammer-action keybeds and a small selection of sounds. Perfect for learning piano without taking up loads of space, needing professional tuning and of course, can be used with headphones!



Synthesizers can introduce experienced professionals and budding beginners to a world of electronic musical effects. Our range includes dozens of large, powerful units that need to be kept at a desk as part of a wider production facility - and we stock palm-sized versions, too.