An interface card allows you to get sound into your PC giving you the ability to record or mix music. Interfaces are different from controllers, because with a controller you control the software, with an interface you control the sound. Common interface cards connect via PCI, USB or Firewire.

AD/DA Converters

At the heart of the Digital Audio world lies arguably the most important part of the system, the Analogue to Digital and Digital to Analogue convertors. Simply put, these convertors take an Analogue signal ( such as a voice through a microphone ) and convert it into a series of numbers, able to be sent great distances or stored over a long time, and then convert them back from digital into Analogue, but without them, we couldn't even begin to make music with our computers.


Hybrid (Firewire/USB) Audio Interfaces

Hybrid audio interfaces offer up more than one connection option, normally a combination of USB along with either Firewire or Thunderbolt. This gives you the widest selection of options for connecting up your interface between systems.


Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces

Thunderbolt interfaces use an extremely fast connection to not only offer very low latency audio, but many also offer dedicated DSP processing, which wont put any load on your CPU.


USB Audio Interfaces

USB & Firewire audio interfaces offer high quality inputs and outputs for recording and playing back your audio. With the added advantage of being easy to transport and move between systems, they are a popular solution for performers wishing to have a single high quality interface they can move between the studio and stage with ease.