An interface allows you to get audio or control signals in and out of your computer.

PCIe, Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 based interfaces are generally best, as they have the fastest connection to the computer and can handle the biggest number of audio channels, although low channels counts, Midi and CV are perfectly able to be transferred via USB at optimal performance.

Hybrid (Firewire/USB) Audio Interfaces

Hybrid audio interfaces offer up more than one connection option, normally a combination of USB along with either Firewire or Thunderbolt. This gives you the widest selection of options for connecting up your interface between systems.

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PCI / PCIe Audio Interfaces

PCI based audio interfaces are internal sound cards fitted inside your system. Whilst not as portable as the USB & Firewire variants they can offer slightly better latency in some situations due to the direct connection to the motherboard and the drivers having more direct control over the hardware.