Scan has a long history with guitars, with us warehousing, distributing and servicing them for over a decade for many top international brands. We have a staff of experts on hand who can not only help you choose your perfect type of guitar, be it electric or acoustic, but will make sure it is perfectly set up and ready to play when you receive it.

6 String Acoustic Guitars

The 6 string Acoustic was first developed in 1779 and since then has been used by Singer/Songwriters, and fingerstyle players. It comes in many styles from Classical through to Dreadnought shaped. An acoustic guitar does not need an amplifier...


Electro-Acoustic Guitars

Electro-Acoustic guitars are designed to have pick ups in the bridge and to be plugged into an amplifier. To this end they may have an onboard pre-amp to go with the pick-up, and some even have built in effects too.....


4 String Bass Guitars

Bar far the most common, 4 string bass guitars are typically tuned in EADG, matching the 4 lowest strings on a guitar accept they're an octave lower. They look similar in appearance to an electric guitar but have a longer scale length and the strings are much thicker in order to producer to lower tones. ok visually similar to an electric guitar accept they have a longer scale length


Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitars

Semi Hollwbody guitars are sometimes known as Semi Acoustic guitars. They have sound holes as well as pick-ups and have a distinctive sound with more acoustic qualities, as opposed to a solidbody electric.


Solidbody Electric Guitars

Solid body Electric guitars are made from a solid block of wood, and require Pick-ups to make a noise. As such they are very resonant instruments and there are very many styles to choose from....


Guitar Straps

All sorts of shapes and sizes, made from many different materials, and available for both Acoustic and electric guitars, most guitarists still search for the comfiest, coolest Strap they can find….