Guitar Pedals & Effects

There’s a plenitude of ways you can change the tone of your guitar and a mountain of pedals and effect units to help you do it. We carry a wide variety of effects pedals ranging from overdrives, distortion, fuzz pedals to reverbs, delays, compressors etc.

Distortion / Fuzz / Overdrive Pedals

From mild soft clipping overdrives, to germanium based fuzz circuits, to all out hard clipping high gain, these pedals give you the drive to suit your taste.


Reverb & Delay Effects Pedals

Reverb pedals modify the signal in such a way that you can replicate playing in different sonic spaces. Delay pedals allow you to repeat your sound at pre-determined intervals after you've played it. Both effects whether used independently or together can add warmth and depth to your tone. Reverb and delay pedals are collectively known as time-based effects and are typically positioned at the end of your signal chain.