A controller is any device that can be used for controlling music software. The most common type of controller is a keyboard controller. These resemble a musical keyboard and can also contain actuators for pitch bending or modulation. The keyboard itself produces no sound on its own and is used only to drive other MIDI devices. Dedicated control surfaces resemble an array of switches, sliders and dials and are common place in any studio.

25+ Note Keyboards

Designed to let you control your Softsynths and samplers on the go, these units are perfect for anyone wanting to work whilst travelling, or where space is limited, or where the artist simply doesn't need any more than 25 notes. These units typically include an Octave up and down switch enabling you to reach the higher or lower notes that would be present on a full size keyboard.

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Controller Accessories

Accessories to go with your studio midi controllers, with covers for keyboards and stands for your equipment