Pro Audio Adaptors & Cables

Audio Adaptors

We want to give you the ability to connect to anything your heart desires. As such we cover a massive range of adaptors, designed to let you connect to all sorts of devices. Want to change connector X into connector Y? Then you need an adapter. We aim to stock a wide selection, but please contact us if you require anything else and we will try to source rare items for you.


Audio Cables

Good quality cables are a must for any studio to ensure great sound reproduction. Our range of cables strike the balance between great quality and low cost to ensure no corner is cut in your production setup.


Digital Cables

Our digital cable range allows you to connect up your equipment that supports it. Digital connections will offer better audio quality and noise rejection in order to give you the very best sound from your setup.


Looms & Snakes

Looms and snakes are collections of cables used for connecting up your equipment in the studio, or extending long runs in live performance situations. These great quality cables will help carry your audio to where you need it.


Y Cables

Y cables allow you to split one into two and can be ideal for helping you to route audio and patch up multiple devices off a limited number of sources.