PA / Live Sound

Everything you need for live (non-studio) sound, from Mixers and Consoles handheld mics and wireless systems to the directional column speakers that can give good results in even the most challenging of venue.

Live PA covers everything from little portable systems up to Array speakers. Most of our systems are powered, so all amplifiers are built-in. Some active (powered) systems feature a small mixer to combine microphones and other feeds.

Analogue Mixing Desks

Mixing desks come in Analogue and Digital varieties. Some have built in audio interfaces. Desks combine and route audio signals and mostly contain built-in microphone preamps.


Wireless Instrument Systems

Wireless instrument systems can be used to free your instrument from its wires onstage. Suitable for guitarists or any other performer with an audio line out, you can use these to move freely for a more expressive performance.