Acoustic or electric, 6 or 12 string, Premier instruments or value range, we stock guitars from major brands like, PRS, Godin, Fret King, Vintage, Alvarez, Blade, Levinson, etc.

All of our guitars receive a professional set-up before they leave our door, so whether you’re a beginner or a Pro, your instrument will be ready to play right out of the box.

12 String Acoustic Guitars

12 string guitars play the same as 6 string guitars. Beside each 'regular' string is another that is one octave higher. The combined effect of all the strings is a lovely 'full' sound used by many singer/songwriters to 'fill out' the sound.....


4 String Bass Guitars

Bar far the most common, 4 string bass guitars are typically tuned in EADG, matching the 4 lowest strings on a guitar accept they're an octave lower. They look similar in appearance to an electric guitar but have a longer scale length and the strings are much thicker in order to producer to lower tones. ok visually similar to an electric guitar accept they have a longer scale length


Solidbody Electric Guitars

Solid body Electric guitars are made from a solid block of wood, and require Pick-ups to make a noise. As such they are very resonant instruments and there are very many styles to choose from....