Acoustic or electric, 6 or 12 string, Premier instruments or value range, we stock guitars from major brands like, PRS, Godin, Fret King, Vintage, Alvarez, Blade, Levinson, etc.

All of our guitars receive a professional set-up before they leave our door, so whether you’re a beginner or a Pro, your instrument will be ready to play right out of the box.

Solidbody Electric Guitars

Solid body Electric guitars are made from a solid block of wood, and require Pick-ups to make a noise. As such they are very resonant instruments and there are very many styles to choose from....


Guitar Gig Bags & Cases

Whether you're looking for or a sturdy, rigid, secure method of carrying your guitar around or just looking for something you can sling over your back for easy transportation, you'll find everything you need here to protect your prized possession.


Guitar Straps

All sorts of shapes and sizes, made from many different materials, and available for both Acoustic and electric guitars, most guitarists still search for the comfiest, coolest Strap they can find….