DIY AMD Motherboard & Component Bundles

Save the hassle of choosing all the components separately and upgrade your PC the easy way with a pre-selected bundle of components based around a new AMD CPU and motherboard. These bundles will save you money as they are discounted compared to buying all the components separately.


Intel Z170 Socket 1151 Mini ITX Motherboards

The Intel Z170 is the latest chipset from Intel, designed for mid-range and high-performance gaming PCs and professional PCs using the new Intel Skylake CPUs. Choose a Z170 chipset motherboard for the ability to overclock a 'K' edition Skylake CPU for even greater performance and responsiveness. These mini-ITX motherboards are the smallest you can get, with a single expansion slot and fewer headers and ports than a micro-ATX or ATX motherboard, with a wide variety of manufacturers and models to choose from. 05/08/15

Please note: In order to use a 7th Generation 'Kaby Lake' Intel CPU with these Motherboards, you will need to ensure you are running the latest BIOS version before installing the CPU.


AMD X370 Socket AM4 ATX Motherboards

These motherboards are based on the AMD X370 chipset and are designed for the AMD Ryzen range of CPUs. The X370 is the flagship Ryzen chipset, and so features the highest number of SATA ports, USB ports and PCI-E lanes. Choose an X370 motherboard over a B350 motherboard for more I/O and SLI and CrossFire support. These particular boards are full size ATX designs with maximum expandability.

Please note: The motherboards below with graphics outputs are designed for future AMD processors with onboard graphics. Ryzen 5 & Ryzen 7 CPUs do not have onboard graphics and require a discrete graphics card.

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