Display Solutions

A monitor is a screen which displays the visual output from your computer. There are many features of monitors to consider, these include the inputs, screen size, screen resolution, response time, wall mountable.

Commercial Display 42" - 50"

This category size is the most popular choice for Digital out of Home (DooH) displays. We have a large number of screens available from the world's leading brands, including Samsung, Philips and LG. This ensures we can offer a model suitable to meet the majority of applications.


TouchScreen Monitors

A touchscreen is a monitor where the screen can detect the presence and location of touch on the display area by finger pressure. Some touch screen devices can also sense passive objects like a stylus. Connectivity for the visual part of the monitor is via the usual interfaces such as VGA, DVI or HDMI depending on the specification. The touchscreen connectivity is via serial or a USB connection to the computer system. The computers operating system has to support touch screen functionality in order for the touch to screen to work.