The way customers shop is changing, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to grab their attention in a very crowded market. Digital signage solutions can help any business by bridging the gap between online and offline, allowing businesses to stand out from the crowd and understand more about their customers, increasing engagement and sales.

Digital signage

Digital screens allows any business to easily showcase their products, services or any other content for that matter, helping them to stand out and engage with more customers. Available in all shapes and sizes, from single large format LED and LCD screens to multi-screen video walls, free standing kiosks, shelf edge displays and tablet devices, choose one or pick any combination to suit the needs of you and your store environment. And with our simple cloud-based Content Management System (CMS), we can help you manage one or an entire network of screens remotely.


  • Show a wider range of products and services.
  • Engage more customers.
  • Attract a wider audience.
  • Boost awareness and sales.
  • Quick and easy to update and schedule content.
  • No costly printing, delivery or installation, unlike traditional point of sale.
  • Video analytics

    Video analytics is simpler than it sounds and invaluable to any business for finding out all about their customers. A HD camera fitted to your screen uses facial detection to gather (anonymous) data about your customers, giving you valuable information including gender and age bracket, what content they’re interested in, how many people were engaged and for how long. The system can also then react to this information and change the content on screen to that which may appeal more to the viewer.


  • Learn more about who your customers are and tailor content and products to them even based on what type of customer is present at certain times of the day.
  • Understand what content is performing best and react accordingly to better engage with your customers.
  • Reactive content to outside weather conditions, so if for instance it rains, a shop could automatically show content featuring umbrellas.
  • WiFi analytics

    Because everybody’s mobile device has its own unique IP address, constantly seeking out a WiFi network, we can gain information about customer behaviour in and around a business by positioning WiFi sensors strategically. We can then track the movement of customers via their device, which delivers a variety of analytics that can help you understand; customer volumes outside your business and compare this to traffic entering the business, where and how your customers move around in store, where they came in from, what did they stop to look at and for how long. Heat maps then allow you to see which areas have been visited the most and at what time of the day, and if there are congested areas or dead zones that aren’t visited.


  • Optimise your store layout, improving the customer experience and strategically positioning certain products or promotions.
  • See how effective your window display is at attracting customers inside.
  • Understand whether customers are new or repeat visitors.
  • Beacons

    When a customer with your app installed on their phone (Bluetooth must be switched on) walks past a strategically positioned beacon in and around your premises, a push notification message can be sent to their handset, with details of anything from offers and products to campaign messages.


  • Create interactive, relevant messaging at time of customer visit.
  • Enhance the customer experience.
  • Encourage loyalty and repeat visits.
  • myBlooThe small business solution

    myBloo offers a digital marketing solution specifically tailored to suit any startup or small business’ needs. From a florist who wishes to target customers with an app, to a hairdresser who wants to engage with current, and potential customers, in and around their salon, myBloo can help businesses progress their digital footprint, engage better with customers and target potential new ones.


  • Professionally designed website
  • Bespoke app
  • Digital screen
  • Analytics
  • Social media presence
  • Any business size

    All industries

    Easy installation

    End-to-end solution

    Cloud-based platform

    24/7 support


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