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Digital Marketing Signage solutions for small to large businesses and educational establishment.

What is Digital Signage?

Beabloo digital signage is very simply a method of relaying interactive audio & visual content to a display. Digital signage is a fast growing form of marketing; many organisations that use static paper or board advertising are changing to this new medium. The aim of digital signage is to create a platform whereby audio & visual content can be distributed via the internet and shown on screens that can interact with people. The dynamic nature of digital signage allows you to create cost effective, eye catching, interactive marketing messages fast and efficiently giving your campaign timely exposure to a neighbourhood, city, country or worldwide audience through a network of displays all managed from a central location.

Who needs Digital Signage?

Digital signage is made for everyone, from your small retail shops to big chains, corporate workplaces, education and hospitality the possibilities are endless. Beabloo digital signage will reduce your overheads from the costly wasteful process of printing posters and fliers and there is no need to wait around for delivery of materials. Deliver engaging thought provoking content to capture your audience immediately. With Beabloo digital signage realise a faster ROI and goals.

How does Digital Signage work?

The Beabloo digital signage solution enables you to display marketing messages to specific locations at a given time. Using a simple web browser interface you can manage your entire network of displays using the cloud.

Is digital signage easy to use

Beabloo digital signage solution is a web browser based content delivery and management system. Designed with usability in mind the Beabloo user interface allows you to manage multiple campaigns rapidly across thousands of displays in your network. You can use readily available templates or create your own custom designs, your creativeness is limitless. In the system you just piece your content together create a program schedule and go live with it. It's as simple as that.

Cloud Based

Beabloo operates on a powerful robust & scalable content delivery cloud architecture meaning it is always up and accessible wherever you are. By appearing on the network, the displays wherever in the world they might be can be updated from a central location. The Beabloo cloud runs on server technology that integrates black box security using encryption key techniques meaning your data is always secure.

Content is key

The marketing of a product or service can be the make or break of it. Creation of well thought out content for your target audience will help you move forward with a marketing strategy giving you the impact required to achieve more sales and awareness through digital signage. The more you put in creating the content the greater the visual impact.

Digital signage industry examples

We use digital signage here at Scan! Our showroom displays are hooked up to Beabloo technology showcasing our latest today only offers and products, explaining what the latest technology available is all about. Other big brands that use are solutions are Sainsbury’s, The Fragrance Shop, JD Williams and more.

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