Intel B360 Socket 1151 ATX Motherboards

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The Intel B360 chipset is the next step-down from the H370 chipset for Intel 8th generation Core processors, codename Coffee Lake. Like the H370 chipset, B360 does not support overclocking & usually only supports a single graphics card (although some of these motherboards may support 2x AMD Radeon Graphics Card in CrossFire - Check Specs. for details). Its main difference from the chipsets above are it loses support for RAID, but it does however maintain support for Intel Optane Memory & 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen2. Another notable trade-off with B360, is that the chipset supplies less PCIe 3.0 Lanes for other devices than both of the more expensive Z370 & H370 chipsets. These particular boards are full-size ATX designs for maximum expandability.

Please Note: Despite utilising the same LGA1151 socket as 200 & 100 Series Motherboards, ONLY Intel 8th Gen. 'Coffee Lake' CPUs are compatible with these Intel B360 Motherboards.