Laptops - Home/Office

This category includes many different types of portable PCs, including traditional Windows laptops, Apple MacBooks and Chromebooks. From workhorse all-rounders to stylish, super-slim Ultrabooks as well as powerful workstation laptops, there's a system here for every kind of user, as well as a broad range of accessories. Thin-and-light to supreme performance, Scan has you covered.

Intel Atom & Celeron Home/Office Laptops

These laptops are based on Intel's Atom and Celeron entry-level CPUs, and are intended for basic word processing and simple everyday tasks. You won't find high resolution screens or the power for intensive tasks, but with high capacity hard drives, DVD drives, wireless connectivity there's plenty you can do. 30/01/17 Updated


Intel Core i3

Laptops here have screen sizes up to 17.3”, and their Intel Core i3 processors offer a great compromise between cost, performance and efficiency. These laptops offer fast and responsive portable computing for everyday tasks and benefit from a wide range of extra features and connectivity too.


Intel Core i5

The laptops in this category are equipped with meaty Intel Core i5 processors, giving them enough power to handle multitasking with ease. The laptops also come with a slew of features, ports and wireless connectivity so they're very flexible. For an even faster and more responsive experience, look for models with SSDs.

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Intel Core i7

These laptops sport Intel's high-end Core i7 processors with Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost, making them suitable for heavy multitasking and intensive applications. However, the on-board graphics are not well suited to gaming – look to gaming laptops for that. Laptops here that also have SSDs will be exceptionally speedy.


AMD APU Laptops with Radeon Graphics

Laptops designed around AMD's CPU technology. These laptops offer good value and are ideal for those requiring a laptop for all round general use. Features such as wireless connectivity and high capacity hard drives come as standard, ensuring the laptop can be used for a wide range of applications. Updated

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Laptop Bags / Cases

Additional items designed for today's laptop/notebook computers such as carry cases, additional memory modules and charging systems.