Laptops - Home/Office

This category includes many different types of portable PCs, including traditional Windows laptops, Apple MacBooks and Chromebooks. From workhorse all-rounders to stylish, super-slim Ultrabooks as well as powerful workstation laptops, there's a system here for every kind of user, as well as a broad range of accessories. Thin-and-light to supreme performance, Scan has you covered.

Laptop Bags / Cases

Additional items designed for today's laptop/notebook computers such as carry cases, additional memory modules and charging systems.


Stands / Coolers

Laptop stands are perfect if you regularly use your laptops at a desk. They can lift a laptop higher to help improve posture, prop the keyboard at a more comfortable position, and increase the amount of space that's available on your desk. And, if you've got a laptop that runs very hot, try a cooler - the extra fan(s) should be enough to help chill your laptop.