GPU - Other

Though AMD and NVIDIA dominate the add-in graphics card market for gaming, other manufacturers produce video cards aimed at the professional display market, where gaming credentials are not a concern. These cards, often passively cooled, still slot into the PCIe slot on a motherboard and offer numerous video outputs for connecting to external displays. External graphics solutions are a different beast, however, as they take in popular cards from AMD and NVIDIA and house them in a dedicated box that can be connected to a laptop or PC for increased performance.

Graphics Card Accessories

From adapters to replacement brackets, these accessories are aimed at helping you get the right and desired use from your equipment.

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SLI & NVLink Bridges

An SLI (Scalable Link Interface) bridge is used to connect two or more NVIDIA graphics cards together for increased performance in games and applications. SLI bridges come in different sizes as the PCI-E slots are not always in the same place on motherboards, so make sure you buy the right size SLI bridge.