Graphics cards are of the utmost importance in rigs intended for gaming or workstation PCs. For graphically intensive software and high-end games, a discrete card like those here is a must. AMD and NVIDIA dominate this market, and both firms offer a huge variety of cards across a broad spectrum of prices – cards for gamers start at just over £20 and can reach almost £1,000. Features and cooling solutions are just as diverse, but with any card you need to check that your case has room for it, your PSU has the right connections and that its display outputs meet your needs.

Radeon R7 250 Graphics Cards

The R7 250 is similar to the R7 240, but has a few more cores for and also supports faster GDDR5 memory on some models. It's very affordable and comes in a range of small, unimposing designs, some of which are passively cooled, and doesn't need a PSU connection.

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Radeon RX 460 Graphics Cards

Based on the new power efficient Polaris architecture with 14nm FinFET transistors, the RX 460 has 896 stream processors and 2 or 4GB of GDDR5 memory and so provides smooth frame rates on a 1920 x 1080 monitor.

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