Desktops - Home/Office

These computers serve as workhorses for day-to-day work such as emailing, word processing and basic content creation. Most home and office PCs simply need to be plugged into a monitor and away you go.

Scan Office Windows 10 PCs

Scan Office PCs are built by the award-winning 3XS Systems and are engineered for maximum reliability in environments such as offices and shops.

Choose from a wide variety of specifications suitable for every budget, from entry-level models to high-performance desktop computers.

If you don't see the exact specification you want and would like us to custom build a PC for you please click HERE.


Apple Mac Mini Desktop Computers

The Mac Mini is a small form factor computer that is almost compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Available in a variety of configurations, the Mac Mini is ideally suited for everyday office and home applications.


Complete Mini PCs with Operating System

Compact Mini and Small form factor PC's are taking a fully functional PC into a compact unit. These are ideal when space is at a premium such as the space by your set top box. They come ready to connect to your own monitor and a USB keyboard & mouse. These PC's come with an Operating System included.