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Barebone Small Form Factor Mini PCs

Mini PCs are growing in popularity, and it's easy to see why. These barebones units include a case, motherboard and processor inside enclosures that aren't much bigger than a few stacked DVD cases. They've got enough power for daily computing, but remember that you still need to buy memory, storage and an operating system.


Refurbished Apple iMac Desktop Computers

These Refurbished iMac are pre-owned Apple All-In-One Computers that have undergone a refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. Only a small number have been refurbished as result of technical issues, most are either unwanted returns, or display models.

They are in 100% working condition, and are then sold as refurbished product. As these refurbished products have been unpacked and manipulated, or used in varying environments, they might however exhibit some minor cosmetic imperfection, such as scratches, marks or discolorations.

Each refurbished product in this section has been graded A1, A2 or A3 in regards to their overall refurbished condition, with A1 being of better condition that A2, & A2 therefore being better than A3.

For a more detailed description of the products condition please see it's respective web page. Products may be Brown Box.