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Commercial Screens & Accessories

Commercial Display 32" - 40"

At an affordable price, these smaller commercial screens are fit for areas where space is at a premium and size could be an important influence on your decision to invest in professional displays. Built with commercial grade panels, our screens are designed to run for long periods of time. With these screens you can expect a modern fully-equipped feature set, with industry leading specifications.


Commercial Display 42" - 50"

This category size is the most popular choice for Digital out of Home (DooH) displays. We have a large number of screens available from the world's leading brands, including Samsung, Philips and LG. This ensures we can offer a model suitable to meet the majority of applications.


Commercial Display 55" - 60"

Unlike traditional TV's you may find at home, our range of professional screens have been designed to meet the demanding needs of commercial environments. With features such as remote management, IP rating and built in media players - including Tizen Digital Signage from Samsung, CMD Android platform from Philips and WebOS from LG - these screens are the ideal choice for deploying your digital signage messages.


Commercial Display 65" and Over

Our largest commercial screens give you the most marketing space allowing your messages to be conveyed at a scale that matches the ambition of your campaign. With features including 4K Ultra HD, 24/7 operation and sizes up to 98" make this range the most impactful and captivating screen category.


Commercial Video Wall Displays 37" - 49"

A cost-effective way to create stunning video walls, which can include the ability to daisy chain displays without the need to use third-party software. These screens allow you to create one large stunning display utilising multiple screens. As they are designed to be used as video walls, these screens feature much narrower bezels than the regular large format screens, and from a distance, these screens appear to be one independent display.


Commercial Video Wall Displays 55"+

Use large, narrow bezel screens to form a striking video wall to bring your messages to life, delivering high-impact messaging. The result is a cutting-edge, captivating viewing experience in virtually any indoor environment that can be active 24/7. Impress your audience with ultra-narrow bezel and stunning picture quality, you are sure to create the most memorable visual experience.