CCTV / Security

These products will enable to build your perfect CCTV security system. Choose from products designed for home users or expandable systems for the office. We also stock complete CCTV systems which include everything you need and can used straight out of the box.

3.5" SATA3 CCTV Surveillance Hard Disk Drives

These 3.5” hard drives utilise the SATA III 6Gb/s interface and have been specially designed for write intensive applications such as CCTV recording systems that are active 24 hours a day.


CCTV Cameras

Closed Circuit Television is all about security and monitoring. Today, CCTV systems run as a computer system and utilise a hard drive for the video recording. Some of the advanced features to look out for include electronic seek to a specific time and 'time stamping' specific events in the recording as required. Other features to look out include wireless and night vision cameras.

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CCTV Security Kits

These all-in-one kits take the headache out of home or small business surveillance. Our selection covers packs that include DVR units with one camera right up to models that include four IP cameras, and we also stock kits designed for children's nurseries.