400GB to 1.2TB 2.5" U.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs

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These particular U.2 SSDs of the 2.5" Form Factor can be fitted into your PC chassis in the same way as a regular SSD or HDD, but connect up to your system using a U.2 cable (formerly known as SFF-8639) to either an available U.2 connector on your motherboard or to a M.2 to U.2 adaptor board. Offering capacities of 400GB, 800GB & 1.2TB, the U.2 connection provides up to a four-lanes of Gen3 PCI Express allowing for more bandwidth and enabling these drives to feature much higher speeds than other Solid State Drives. Although these SSDs will affix to the vast majority of computer cases, the U.2 connector is usually only found on high-end, enthusiast-grade desktop PCs & motherboards, so ensure your motherboard has an on-board U.2 port, or supports U.2 via an adapter.

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