Converters, Distribution & Scalers

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Getting video in and out of a laptop or workstation computer is easier than you may think with our range of hardware converters from AJA, Blackmagic Design, Datavideo, Grass Valley and tvONE . An Advanced Digital Video Converter from Grass Valley can capture and output VHS, Hi8, S-Video, composite, and component video into a PC or MAC with FireWire, while Blackmagic Design’s Teranex or OpenGear and their extensive range Mini Converters offer unique professional connectivity without breaking the bank. With the expansion of UHD and 4K video production, professional users can now navigate the HDMI and SDI signal jungle with ease. Scan's massive range of converters includes low-latency digital to analogue, HDMI-SDI, SDI-DVI, Optical-SDI, DVI-VGA converters and much more.

SDI to HDMI Converters

Convert SDI signals to HDMI for easier monitoring, capture cards and other functionality that is found on common consumer or prosumer hardware.


IP Video Converters

BirdDog Studio is the world's first portable, camera mountable device that takes standard HDMI or HD-SDI signals and converts them live to NDI (Network Device Interface). NDI is a new, open standard for transporting live broadcast quality video signals over common Gigabit Ethernet networks ubiquitously found in buildings worldwide. It is a simple, plug and play device which can be powered by practically any source - AC, DC and Ethernet (PoE). Updated 17.10.16