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Converters are used to convert a signal from one format to another and are required as different products from professional video manufacturers default to different video interfaces, including low-latency digital to analogue, HDMI-SDI, SDI-DVI, Optical-SDI, DVI-VGA converters and many more. Additionally, scalers are used when the resolution of a video source needs to be changed to a different one - these use complex algorithms to scale the video as accurately as possible.



When considering a converter you need to make sure it will connect to the sources you want to convert - whether this be from SDI to HDMI or from analogue to digital, knowing what connection you need is critical.



Standards converters or scalers, are slightly different to normal converters as while some of them will convert from one physical connection to another, their primary function is to convert the image being sent over the physical connection. There are two types of standards conversion you need to be aware of, scaling and cross conversion.



Whilst distribution amplifiers do not usually convert, they are often considered in the same product family as converters as they take in your signal and then replicate it across multiple outputs. These devices are a great and cheap way to feed the same video to multiple destinations.

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Converters, Distribution & Scalers

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Getting video in and out of a laptop or workstation computer is easier than you may think with our range of hardware converters from AJA, Blackmagic Design, Datavideo, Grass Valley and tvONE . An Advanced Digital Video Converter from Grass Valley can capture and output VHS, Hi8, S-Video, composite, and component video into a PC or MAC with FireWire, while Blackmagic Design’s Teranex or OpenGear and their extensive range Mini Converters offer unique professional connectivity without breaking the bank. With the expansion of UHD and 4K video production, professional users can now navigate the HDMI and SDI signal jungle with ease. Scan's massive range of converters includes low-latency digital to analogue, HDMI-SDI, SDI-DVI, Optical-SDI, DVI-VGA converters and much more.


Digital/Analogue Converters

Convert from digital to analogue or analogue to digital.


DVI-U Converters

DVI-U Converters operate as the bridge between distinct video signal formats, enabling seamless communication between devices with varying digital and analogue connections. Utilised within industries broadcast, professional AV, medical imaging and simulation systems these converters offer adaptability with their compatibility between modern digital displays and legacy or specialist hardware interfaces allowing operators to tailor the viewing experience to the specific requirements needed.


HDMI to SDI Converters

Connect HDMI-based devices to SDI input equipment; also great for cabling over longer distances.


SDI to HDMI Converters

Convert SDI signals to HDMI for easier monitoring, capture cards and other functionality that is found on common consumer or prosumer hardware.


Distribution Amplifiers

Providing outputs in any situation requiring multiple outputs from a single PC or other RGB video source.


Standards Converters

Deliver the highest quality capture and conversion including up and down resolution, PAL to NTSC, aspect ratio and progressive to interlaced.


Video Scalers

Multi-format Video Scalers provide video signal conversion and glitch-free switching between a variety of computer and video input signal formats.



Multiplexers make it possible for several input signals to share one device or resourse at one time.


Audio Converters

Convert between balanced and unbalanced audio.


IP Video Converters

With the introduction of newer IP video standards like SRT and NDI, transmitting video over IP (VoIP) is becoming an easy to install solution. By sending your content over existing networks you can route it anywhere easily without the need for expensive routing hardware. IP Video converters allow you to convert your video signal both to and from IP standards meaning that an IP video workflow can be implemented without needing to replace your existing hardware.

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Open Gear

OpenGear converters are versatile and powerful signal processing tools designed to bridge the gap between different video and audio formats. With the OpenGear platform, allowing them to be easily inserted into OpenGear frames alongside other cards, such as routers, distribution amplifiers, and more. This modular approach streamlines installations and management, reducing both physical space requirements and cabling complexity for professionals working in broadcast, production and EV environments.