A staple of live production, NewTek continue to innovate in the broadcast and live production markets

newtek live production

Live Production

NewTek’s TriCaster series lead the way when it comes to live production over IP.

newtek camera solutions

Camera Solutions

Broadcast quality PTZ cameras that help you cover every angle.

newtek video connectivity

Video Connectivity

Convert any SDI or HDMI source to IP, making integrating your existing workflow simple and easy

NDI® (Network Device Interface) is a ground breaking development in the world on Video over IP (VoIP). The use of NDI® allows for high quality and low latency transport of video over an existing network. The NDI protocol has already been adopted by a wide range of manufacturers and is already making waves in the broadcast and live event markets.

Skype for Broadcast

Connecting remote guests has never been easier. The TalkShow VS 4000 allows you to connect with multiple contacts around the world through Skype. Real-time group conversations, panel discussions, and live interview after live interview with remote guests can all be easily managed in real time with complete control and broadcast quality.

skype broadcasting with newtek

NewTek Live Production

A staple of live production workflows worldwide, NewTek TriCaster systems put an entire suite of media production capabilities at your fingertips. You can make anything from keynote presentations and webcasts to online training and sporting events look amazing with quality, consistency and efficiency.

TriCaster Mini 4K

The TriCaster Mini 4K gives you all the power of a larger TriCaster unit in a smaller form factor. Support for NDI® I/O, skype TX integration and Multi-screen delivery & streaming, ensures your content is available and accessible from one of the most complete video production systems on the planet.

newtek tricaster mini
newtek tricaster tc410

TriCaster TC410 Plus

The TriCaster TC410 Plus is a mid-size production powerhouse giving you 4 M/E mixing, up to 8 external inputs, and 4 mix outputs. With NDI® integration for video, audio, and data transmission you can draw sources from all over the your network. Real-time social media publishing to platforms like Facebook Live, Twitch, and more, means that live production has never been so accessible.

TriCaster TC1

Everything you need for switching, streaming, recording in HD, 3G, and 4K UHD up to 60p. With support for up to 16 external inputs and 4 M/Es you can make compelling multi-camera/source content with ease. Integrated video servers allow you to playback, replay, and edit live without any additional hardware. You can even stream live to two platforms like Facebook Live, Microsoft® Azure®, Periscope, Twitch, YouTube™ Live, and more, allowing you to reach an even larger audience!

newtek tricaster tc1

TriCaster 2 Elite

One of the most powerful live production switchers available on today, the TriCaster 2 Elite offers more features than we can list. With support for up to 32 x simultaneous inputs you’ll be able ot cover every possible angle, and then some. The TriCaster 2 Elite is the only model to support SRT streaming, ensuring low latency, secure end-to –end transmission.

NewTek Live Production


NewTek Camera Solutions

Explore virtually endless video applications, from medical and security installations to weddings and graduations with NewTek’s PTZ-1 and PTZUHD cameras. With broadcast quality images and support for NDI® there’s no limit to the applications for NewTek PTZ cameras.

Remote camera operation made simple

With support for audio, video, control, power and tally all over a single Ethernet cable, NewTek’s NDI® enabled PTZ cameras make covering every angle easier than ever before.

newtek ptx cameras

Fluid movement

High-speed, quiet, and precise positioning with smooth pan-tilt & zoom operations.

Carefully design for the modern production world, NewTek’s NDIHX PTZ cameras marry together both standard SDI and HDMI connections, alongside Ethernet/NDI® network connectivity for HD video streaming, recording and broadcasting. Full functionality is possible via the traditional SDI and serial connector, what differentiates these PTZ cameras however, is the NDI® connectivity.

NewTek IP/PTZ Cameras


NewTek Video Connectivity

Video over IP (VoIP) is becoming more and more prevalent in broadcast and live event workflows and upgrading every single piece of equipment can be costly and time consuming. With NewTek’s range of SDI/HDMI to IP and I/O channel expansion, you can integrate your existing equipment into IP based infrastructures.

NewTek Connect Studio I/O

NewTek Studio Connect I/O modules offer seamless connection between video formats, including SDI, IP, RTMP, RTSP, and HTTP. With support for everything from SD up to 4K UHD 60p, you can integrate any of your existing equipment into the latest IP based workflows to help keep pace with the ever changing video landscape.

studio io with newtek
spark with newtek


NewTek Spark Plus™ video converters are the fastest, easiest, and best way to video over IP. Ultra-portable enclosures with resolutions up to UHD 60p, the groundbreaking benefits of NDI®, and a host of tools and capabilities makes NewTek Spark Plus video converters the right choice for all sorts of video applications.

Add Spark to your gaming, company communications, your classroom, your event & more. With NDI® supported applications you can use everything from Skype and Zoom to vMix and Wirecast.

NewTek Video Connectivity


NDI® - The future of IP Video

A staple of live production, NewTek continue to innovate in the broadcast and live production markets

What is NDI® ?

NDI® is a royalty free protocol, developed by NewTek, for transporting broadcast quality video over Gigabit network connections with extremely low latency.

Using the network to transport video allows any source device to be sent to any output device, removing the need for expensive routers or switching hardware. Unlike a hardware router you are also not limited by the number of physical inputs or outputs on the device itself as NDI® devices can be accessed across subnets using NewTek’s NDI® Access Manager.

newtek ndi network

Who makes NDI® products?

Since the introduction of NDI®, it has been adopted widely and continues to be so. Some of the world’s leading manufacturers have implemented NDI® into their products which range from cameras and converters through to software based solutions.

Scan stock a range of NDI® products from NewTek themselves as well as third parties like BirdDog, Panasonic, Lumens and Magewell.

bird dog ptz camera

NDI® PTZ Cameras

NDI® has seen particular uptake amongst PTZ camera lines. The ability to transmit video, PTZ control and power the camera via PoE through a single CAT5/6 cable makes them extremely easy to install and manage.


NDI® Switchers

Whilst traditional vision mixers and switchers feature HDMI and SDI connections, there are some that support NDI® sources. NewTek’s renowned TriCaster range support both NDI® inputs and outputs, allowing you to base your entire production workflow on your existing network. This makes NNDI® solutions an easy choice for multi-camera switching in live production or events.

newtek tricaster mini
newtek ndi convertors

NDI® Convertors

NDI® isn’t only available through the camera itself however, Scan also stock a variety of converters from both SDI and HDMI to NDI and vice versa. This allows you to connect any camera with an HDMI or an SDI output to an NDI® workflow or take an output from your NDI® software or switcher to any other device with an HDMI or SDI input.



Whilst NDI® can be utilised on a standard Gigabit network, the amount of multiple sources streamed at any given time will be limited by the available bandwidth on the network. For this reason Newtek have also developer NDI|HX (High Efficiency) which utilises H.264 compression to achieve a much smaller data rate.

Below you can see the difference in data rates between NDI® and NDI®|HX

newtek ndi hx
NDI® 125Mbps
NDI®|HX 8-20Mbps

Whilst NDI|HX allows you to use more sources on a network with limited bandwidth, it does introduce slightly more latency. This latency should only reach around 1-2 frames but is worth considering if you are covering live events.

NDI® Applications

NDI® can also be implemented into software applications with NewTek making their NDI® SDK (Software Development Kit) for those looking to develop their own applications. Some widely used applications have already implemented NDI® themselves, with Skype, Zoom and webex already supporting NDI® sources, and applications like vMix, wirecast and OBS supporting both NDI® inputs and outputs.

From the link below you can download and install NewTek’s NDI® Tools which come with a variety of different applications for your desktop. With tools that range from transmitting your desktop as another video source (including KVM remote control) all the way through to an NDI® monitor application which allows you to view any NDI® source on the network, you’ll be able to control your entire workflow from your desktop.

Skype for Broadcast

NewTek’s TalkShow VS 4000 makes integrating Skype calls into your production incredibly simple. The system is designed to simultaneously connect you with up to 4 remote guests in real time and whilst retaining HD broadcast quality and control.

newtek skype broadcasting

The TalkShow VS 4000 allows for up to 4 concurrent Skype video channels with support independent control of each channel as well as the ability for grouping or queueing callers. To add to the flexibility of the system, you can install the Skype TX Control software across multiple systems, allowing for a producer to manage calls & talent whilst your production operation handles audio and video.

With 4-in, 4-out HD-SDI connections you can take any video call out to your existing production equipment or return a signal from any of your existing SDI equipment as a return feed to your callers. The TalkShow VS 4000 also features integrated NDI® technology supporting input and output over IP.


TalkShow VS 4000

The TalkShow VS 4000 is also the only Skype TX solution that features a tally overlay for returning to callers, which indicates that they are live on air. This tally overlay is customizable, letting you choose a specific show logo or graphic, to provide additional branding opportunities for your program as well whilst also indicating to the caller that they are live.

Skype TX now also supports Microsoft Teams, allowing even more opportunity for broadcast level productions to work remotely. Broadcasters are now able to reach unrivaled global access to millions of users through Microsoft Team’s 75 million daily active users, in addition to accessing millions of Skype users.