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One Control Mosquite Blender with BJF Buffer

One Control Mosquite Blender with BJF Buffer - Dial In The Perfect Blend of Wet and Dry FX Signal

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End Of Life
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Product Overview The Mosquite Blender allows you to dial in your perfect blend of wet and dry signal. Evidently, this allows any guitarist to create a variety of tones depending on what type of pedal you'd like to use it with.

Additionally, the latest version now includes a selectable BJF Buffer. With the BJF buffer guitarists get sparkling clear highs even when they aren't using the blender.

Create your own sounds limited only by your own ideas. Many months of hearing tests, component choices have gone into the development of the Mosquite Blender. All this effort was put into this small pedal.

Many amps come with an effects send however; they don't have any sort of blend capabilities. Guitarists may like to run reverb or delay in their effects send but if they don't have any control over the saturation it can take away from their attack. That is why having the Mosquite Blender is a great solution for people who use effect sends with their amplifiers. Get the precise amount of effect you’d like and sculpt the tone you are looking for. Features True Bypass
When the blend knob is turned all the way up, the Mosquite Blender can be used as a one-channel true bypass looper. Great for vintage Fuzz and Wah that you don’t want in you signal chain when they aren’t being used.

Get The Precise Amount of Clarity you Are Looking For
The Mosquite Blender is great for cleaning up your signal to have more definition. For players who use overdrive but want more singular definition to their chords, it is a great solution to blend in some clean signal in order to obtain the single note definition they are looking for.

Maintain Lowend and Attack For Bass Players
For bass players using the Mosquite Blender is a great solution for pedals that cut out low end or round out attack. Blend in your clean signal to have thicker sounding low end on your bass or, have crisper tighter attack when using a compressor.

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One Control Mosquite Blender with BJF Buffer
One Control Mosquite Blender with BJF Buffer