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Moog - Sound Studio Trio

Moog - Sound Studio Trio Semi Modular Synth Bundle, Mother-32, Subharmonicon, DFAM & Accessories

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Scan code: LN119751 Manufacturer code: MSS-M32SUBHDFAM-U
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The Complete Analogue Synthesis Studio!
Moog - Sound Studio

Moog - Sound Studio

Everything necessary to start patching today!Are you ready to take your next bold step on your analogue synthesis journey? Moog’s Sound Studio has it all. This impressive collection is a new offering of semi-modular synthesizers and accessories brought together to hand users all the equipment, cables, accessories and helpful educational tools you’ll need to enter the fun world of analogue synthesis for the first time, or to continue to boldly explore sound in a fully immersive new way. Just bring your own headphones or personal speaker and you’re good to go!

Moog’s acclaimed semi-modular synths are perfect for your first foray into modular or your next steps into professional sound design and production. The 3-tier Moog Sound Studio offers the ultimate experience of sonic power and versatility via a trio of Moog’s popular eurorack compatible semi-modular analog synthesizers. Along with the included Mother-32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon synthesizers, this Moog Sound Studio bundle includes an audio mixer and power distribution hub, a 3-tier rack mount kit with matching protective cover, patch cables and a patch cable organizer, guided exercises and patches, a unique card game for generating novel patches, custom artwork designed exclusively for Moog Sound Studio owners, and plenty of creative inspiration. Moog Sound Studio takes the magical environment and hands-on learning experience of Moog installations found at events around the world and presents it in a way that empowers the user to explore synthesis with joy and confidence from the comfort of their own home or studio.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the growing synth community. Moog Sound Studio is here to provide a meaningful electronic experience that informs, inspires, and nurtures synthesists at any point in the creative journey.

what's included? • Mother-32
• Subharmonicon
• Personal Stereo Summing Mixer and Instrument Cables
• Three-Tier Rack Kit
• Protective Cover
• Cable Organizer and Custom Patch Cable Set
• Guided Exercises, Exploration Games, and Experimental Patch Sheets
• Circuitous Connections Synth Exploration Card Game
• Studio Art

Semi-Modular Analogue Desktop Synthesiser
Moog - 'Mother-32'

Moog Mother-32

Endless ExplorationAn Analogue instrument with raw sound, step-sequencing capabilities, and a wide range of connectivity, the Moog Mother-32 represents a revolutionary advance in modular synthesizers. With this expansive product, experimental musicians and synth users have access to a variety of tools to push their creativity to new heights.

The Mother-32 is a semi-modular synthesizer which is expandable and easy to use, offering raw analogue sound, powerful sequencing and varied interconnectivity to any creative, electronic or modular ecosystem. Enclosed in an extruded aluminium casing with wooden sides, and can also be relocated to almost any Eurorack enclosure.

13 NoteKeypad

32-StepsStep Sequencer

8Hz-8KHzOscillator Range

At A Glance • A debut in semi-modular tabletop and Eurorack synthesizer from Moog
• Features vintage-style Moog oscillator with pulse and sawtooth wave outputs
• Built-in 2-input voltage-controlled mixer allows you to combine control voltage
• 13-button, 1-octave keyboard lets you perform and create/edit sequences
• Raw, fat analog sound together with modern sequencing and MIDI control

Dynamic Sound Processing

Moog Mother-32

Unlock New PotentialWith the Mother 32’s powerful step sequencer you can drive synchronized sound while utilizing its modular patchbay and assignable output to create a living, breathing system with dynamic and modifiable sound processing.

Patch multiple control and sound sources into Mother-32’s voltage controlled mixers and unlock a world of new potential found in this powerful instrument, or pull all of the patch cables, plug in a MIDI cable and easily drive your Mother-32 from any MIDI-equipped device.

Vast Capabilities

Moog Mother-32

Extensive VocabularyDuring the design process, Moog worked with 3 unique synthesists: Erika (Interdimensional Transmissions), Max Ravitz (Ghostly International), and Bana Haffar to produce a video that explores Mother-32’s extensive capabilities.

Through performance and sound design, each artist displays the extensive vocabulary found within Mother-32. All patches were performed live, with no overdubs.

A New World Of Creative Freedom

Moog Mother-32

SEMI-MODULAR SIMPLICITYNo cables are needed for swift, inspired music creation and exploration. When you’re ready, explore a world of sonic realms of modular synthesis.

Moog Mother-32

32-NOTE STEP SEQUENCERCreate new ideas and perform in two unique sequencer modes with up to 64 on-board sequences for live performance.

Moog Mother-32

EXPONENTIALLY EXPANDABILEJoin together multiple Mother-32s to unlock new realms of sound, imagination and creativity. Experiment further with complete Eurorack integration.

Mother-32 | Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

Explore Moog’s New Sonic Playground...
Moog - 'Subharmonicon'

Moog Subharmonicon

semi-modular analogue
polyrhythmic synthesizer
Meet the Subharmonicon! Moog’s latest innovation is a semi-modular Polyrhythmic Analogue Synthesizer and the most recent addition to Moog’s famous semi-modular family. Featuring 2x VCO’s, 4x Subharmonic Generators, 2x sequencers and 4x Rhythm Generators, the Subharmonicon delivers a rich harmonic kaleidoscope that divides into itself until everything that is up becomes down!

Since the original's inception in 2018 as an ultra-limited edition build-it-yourself kit (limited to 120 units worldwide!), the Subharmonicon has been one of the most requested public releases from the Moog synthesizer community.

At a glance • Updated design of the highly sought after 2018 Moogfest Engineering Workshop Instrument.
• Use as a standalone synth with included +12V DC power supply or simply remove the front panel to install into any Eurorack system.
• Two 4-step sequencers capable of triggering polyrhythmic patterns
• 6-tone chord generation via two oscillators and four subharmonic oscillators
• 32 patch points with 3.5mm MIDI Input (MIDI Type A adapter included for converting DIN to 3.5mm)

x2Analogue VCOs

x4Subharmonic Oscillators

x4Rhythm Generators

2 Analogue VCOs - 4 Subharmonic Oscillators


Onboard quantizationMoog’s Subharmonicon is a semi-modular polyrhythmic analogue synth that utilises a 6-tone sound engine and multi-layered sequencers to delve deep into an exciting realm of subharmonics, polyrhythms and the unique relationships between them.

The Subharmonicon’s signature sound begins with two analogue VCOs and four Subharmonic Oscillators for a total of six hugely powerful sound sources. Each subharmonic tone is cleverly mathematically derived from one of the two main VCOs, gifting the resulting chord shapes a wonderfully coherent nature. Integrated quantisation lets you dial in perfect intervals each time with selections for numerous tuning systems. Opt for the contemporary ‘Equal Temperament’ settings, the sparkling intervals of ‘Just Intonation’, or the uninhibited freedom of no quantisation at all.

Dual 4-Step Sequencers

4K Recording

32-point 3.5mm patchbay Animating Subharmonicon’s distinctive chord shapes is done through a polyrhythmic pair of 4-Step Sequencers. Each sequencer is clocked by any or all of four Rhythm Generators that output mathematical divisions of the master tempo. Layer multiple Rhythm Generators on top of each other to create complex polyrhythms and discover inspiring new patterns and styles. Delve into Subharmonicon’s dual Envelope Generators, Moog Ladder Filter, and analogue VCA to call up dynamic articulations ranging from lush pads and blurred edges to percussive plosives and ritualistic rhythms.

Although no patching is required to start creating, exploring Subharmonicon’s modular patchbay unlocks worlds of possibilities as you make novel connections and plug into new ideas. The 32-point 3.5mm patchbay can be patched into itself, expanding Subharmonicon’s onboard capabilities, or interfaced with Mother-32, DFAM, and other external Eurorack-compatible gear.

'Music as Living Matter'

composed entirely on SubharmoniconElectronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani and multidisciplinary visual artist Scott Kiernan invite you to reimagine conventional ideas of music, sound, and expression through a delicate balance of mystery and order in this experimental piece composed entirely with the new Moog Subharmonicon synthesizer and analog video synthesis techniques.

The film’s visuals and narration offer a deeper understanding of the instrument, drawing inspiration from the language and illustrations found in Bob Moog’s old copy of Joseph Schillinger’s book “The Mathematical Basis of the Arts.” Engage your imagination as the rhythmic ping-ponging of Ciani’s score meets Kiernan’s depiction of the evolving shapes, forms, and textures Subharmonicon’s sound creates.

Semi-Modular Analogue Percussion Synthesizer
Moog - 'DFAM'


Drummer From Another MotherIntroduce fully interactive analogue drums with Moog’s semi-modular percussion synthesizer, the ‘DFAM’. The Drummer From Another Mother is capable of shaping huge analogue rhythms without the need to patch even a single cable – and thanks to its modular patchbay, is ready and waiting to hand you endless creative possibilities.

Twin oscillators onboard mean there’s a wealth of sounds and timbres to get lost in, whilst LP/HP filters allow for huge sound shaping. Complete with a versatile eight-step sequencer, the Moog DAM is a versatile percussion synth with buckets of swagger.

Rhythmic Creation Without Rules


Explore and craft rhythmic patternsDFAM is the inaugural addition to the ‘Mother-32’ family of synthesizers and offers an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creations. Requiring zero patching, and also zero prior-experience, it’s so easy to begin synthesizing new and unique rhythmic compositions.

Activated via an easy-to-use analogue sequencer, DFAM’s vastly emotive sound starts with a white noise generator and dual wide-range analogue oscillators – effortlessly transitioning between rhythmic pulsations, rich bass and resonant bells in a second. DFAM’s unique voice is then further moulded by an iconic Moog Ladder filter with two selectable modes: Low Pass mode imparts impact and dimension to each sound it crosses, while High Pass mode opens the door to organic expressive strikes, spikes and clangourous accentuations.

DFAM acts in much the same way as a living organism, reacting differently to different individuals. 3 dedicated analogue envelopes work in a dynamic fashion with the sequencer to ensure that tribal toms breathe, industrial impacts unfurl, and cacophonous chaos can be spawned or subdued at the turn of a knob. Each DFAM ships with a bundle of Moog patch cables that unlock access to the 24-point modular patchbay. Use it to birth new sounds or bizarre behaviours, synchronise an unlimited number of DFAM and Mother-32 units together, or fully integrate your analogue instrument into a modular Eurorack production environment.

Only Through exploration and experimentation, the vast potential of this expressive analog instrument is realized.

Selectable Analogue Filters


vast potential in soundsWith dual selectable analogue filters – HP & LP – the Moog DFAM can shape its dual oscillators and noise generator in a plethora of ways. From bright hi-hat sounds, to thumping kicks, the DFAM brings premier analogue drum and percussion sounds to the forefront.

And through using it’s patchbay to creatively modulate parameters such as oscillator pitch, filter cutoff and noise level, it’s possible to cook up all manner of bursts, clangs and other sound effects.

Dynamic 8-step Sequencer


more than percussion synthEach step of DFAM’s sequencer has dedicated pitch and velocity controls, allowing for simple and rewarding real-time manipulation while your sequence runs. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because it’s called a percussion synth, it’s a one trick pony, the DFAM is capable of some seriously wicked basslines!

CV outputs for trigger, velocity and pitch allow you to sequence other Eurorack modules, and CV inputs mean you can control the sequencer and clock from the other modules also.

DFAM | Drummer From Another Mother

Semi-Modular Analogue Percussion SynthesizerDFAM’s fully analog circuitry behaves much like a living organism, reacting in different ways to input from different individuals. Moog Music enlisted three artists to demonstrate the sounds of the new instrument: DJ Haram, Stud1nt, and Umfang--all members of NY’s Discwoman collective. Watch as they explore the new Semi-Modular Analog Percussion Synthesizer from their own personal creative spaces.

Moog - 'Mother 32'
The Tech Spec

Features Specification
Type Semi-modular Synthesizer
Analogue/Digital Analogue
Polyphony 1
Oscillators 1 x Analog VCO
Waveforms Sawtooth, Pulse Wave
Noise Generator White Noise
Envelope Generator Attack, Decay, Sustain
LFO Square wave, Triangle wave
Filter Lowpass/Highpass 4-pole Ladder Filter
Sequencer 32-step, 64 sequences
Analogue Inputs 3 x 1/8" (ext. audio in, mix 1 in, mix 2 in)
Analog Outputs 1 x 1/4" TRS (headphone/audio out), 5 x 1/8" TS (VCA out, VCF out, VCO saw out, VCO pulse out, VC mic out)
Other I/O 32 x 1/8" Patch Points
Expansion Semi-Modular, Eurorack compatible
Power Supply 12V DC power supply included
HP Size 60HP
Dimensions Height: 4.21"
Width: 12.57"
Depth: 5.24"
Weight 3.5 lbs.

Moog - 'Subharmonicon'
The Tech Spec

Analogue Sound Engine
Sources VCO 1, SUB 1, SUB 2 / VCO 2, SUB 1, SUB 2
Filter Self-Oscillating Ladder Filter, Low-Pass, 4-Pole (-24 dB/Octave)
Envelopes VCA EG (Attack, Decay); VCF EG (Attack, Decay)
Analogue Sequencers (x2)
Steps 4 Steps per Sequencer, selectable Quantization
Clock Driven by any and all of the Rhythm Generators
Rhythm Generators (x4)
Rhythm Derived by dividing the Tempo by an integer value (1-16)
Clock 20 BPM to 3,000 BPM (Beats per Minute; 1 Pulse per Quarter-note), MIDI Clock, EXT CLOCK
Jacks 32 x 3.5mm
Inputs 17 Input Jacks
Outputs 15 Output Jacks
MIDI 3.5mm MIDI Input (Type A dongle included)
Rear Panel
Audio 1⁄4” TRS Headphone or 1⁄4” TS Instrument
Power Power supply connection
Security Kensington lock slot

Moog - 'DFAM'
The Tech Spec

Features Specification
Type Semi-modular Percussion Synthesizer
Analogue/Digital Analogue
Polyphony Monophonic
Oscillators 2 x Oscillators, 1 x White Noise Generator
Waveforms Triangle, Square
Noise Generator Yes
Envelope Generator VCO/VCF/VCA Envelope Generators
Filter Lowpass/Highpass 4-pole Transistor Ladder Filter
Sequencer 8-step sequencer with velocity/pitch
Analogue Outputs 1 x 1/4" (line/headphones)
Other I/O 24 x 1/8" patchbay points
Power Supply 12V DC 1200mA power supply (included)
Power Usage 230mA
Product Type  
PC Interface N/A
Connectivity (Input)  
Connectivity (Output)  
Sample Rate  
Bit Rate N/A
Frequency Response (Input) N/A
Frequency Response (Output) N/A
Maximum Input Level N/A
Maximum Output Level  
Dynamic Range  
Dimensions (mm)  
Misc. Notes  
Package Type  
Additional Information
Scan Code LN119751
Model Number MSS-M32SUBHDFAM-U
GTIN 040232578298

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Moog - Sound Studio Trio
Moog - Sound Studio Trio