Scan code: LN111969 Manufacturer code: OPSIX

Korg - 'Opsix' Altered FM Synthesizer

Korg - 'Opsix' Altered FM Synthesizer, 37 Keys, 32 Voices, 16 Step Sequencer

Thumbnail 1 : Korg - 'Opsix' Altered FM Synthesizer Thumbnail 2 : Korg - 'Opsix' Altered FM Synthesizer Thumbnail 3 : Korg - 'Opsix' Altered FM Synthesizer Thumbnail 4 : Korg - 'Opsix' Altered FM Synthesizer
Scan code: LN111969 Manufacturer code: OPSIX
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Korg - 'Opsix'
Altered FM Synthesizer

korg opsix

Reimagined FM SynthesisThe KORG opsix displays a new and extensive reimagination of classic digital synthesis. Similar to when KORG brought back wave sequencing in a more powerful, more musical, and more directly accessible way with wavestate. The same approach was taken to the FM sound generation of the opsix, resulting in another incredibly versatile and unique synth.

The opsix is an “altered” six-operator FM synthesizer. With its astoundingly accessible operator mixer and diverse sound engine that goes much further than traditional FM, this instrument expands the potential of digital synthesizers to their greatest potential.

The opsix is an instrument for players of all generations, modern in every way, whilst getting back to the basics to offer you an incite of the future. If you’re new to synths and looking for a completely unique addition to your soundscape, or an original FM purist, the opsix will meet all expectations and more.

37 KeysKeyboard

16 StepsSequencer

32 VoicesMax Polyphony

Amazing Features • Three EGs, three LFOs and 12 virtual patches offer an extensive range of modulation
• Visually-satisfying editing with a spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope
• Add unpredictability to sounds with the Randomize feature
• Full editing with the DATA ENTRY rotary encoders
• True six-operator FM synthesis, and more

True Six-Operator FM Synthesis & More

korg opsix

A Redesigned ClassicThe opsix is a new digital synthesizer that comes with a newly designed six-operator sound generator. Although the instrument has a six-operator FM sound structure like classic FM synthesizers, the opsix doesn't just recreate their sounds, it completely reimagines them.

With the flexibility of waveforms, operator modes that go beyond the worlds of FM, and a filter that combines a fusion of subtractive synthesis, opsix tames complexities of FM so that you can focus on experimenting sounds instead of programming them. In a nutshell, the opsix offers the editing ease of analog synths to control the power of arguably the deepest type of digital synthesis.

FM Exploration, Easier Than Ever

Musicians today use hardware-based digital synthesizers to reach a level of capabilities that just cannot be found with software-based instruments. The six sets of knobs and sliders on the opsix panel, as well as the operator mixer, are a fine example of this.

korg opsix

Visible WorkflowKORG’s volca FM was the first FM reimagination that helped to bring the most dynamic parameters of FM to the surface, which has been expanded upon with opsix’s workflow. The knobs and sliders with two-colored LEDs on the opsix allow you to quickly and clearly see the relationships between operators, where the roles change with each algorithm.

This lets you make direct changes to the pitch and volume for carriers, and to edit the brightness of the sound or the strength of the harmonics for the modulators. These controls give you sonic control over the unpredictability of FM just by removing and adding sounds just like using a mixer or drawbars.

Full Editing With The Data Entry Knobs

korg opsix

Simple NavigationTo add to the six operator mixers, the opsix comes with multiple knobs on the right side of the panel. Use the six DATA ENTRY knobs for full editing without comprimising any other information. After a look at these controls, you might think back toit may remind you of the days when traditional FM synths were more difficult to use.

Back when you had to move through a huge of pages, and couldn’t figure out where you were overall. Rest assured, with the opsix, you can now edit without getting lost, thanks to the combination of six graphical parameters on the large OLED display in the centre, and the rotary encoders.

The HOME/ALGO page is the beginning page for everything on the opsix, this features major parameters including algorithms, EGs, and effects. You can use this page with the operator mixer to make a start with everything your next task.

Five Operator Modes That Expand FM Synthesis

korg opsix

Simple FilteringThe opsix is not just a collection of everything appealing about FM synthesis. Along with sine waves, the opsix offers an extended list of diverse waveforms in pursuit of sounds with even more complex harmonics, which can also be used as a subtractive synth offering simple filtering.

Operator modes on the opsix are used to generate sounds that are completely outside what a traditional FM sound generator can make. The operator modes let you create sounds using modulation other than FM. The opsix gives you a much wider range of sound creation, allowing you to combine the five operator modes (FM, ring modulation, filter, filter FM and wavefolder) and select from a wide range of waveforms.

40 Preset Algorithms & User Algorithms

korg opsix

Wide Range of ModulationAn algorithm is a combination of different operator roles and connections. The opsix goes much further than classic FM synthesizers by offering 40 preset algorithms and then goes on to offer a user algorithm function for exponentially greater sound possibilities which lets you create and arrange an algorithm from scratch.

The synthesis offered by the opsix is made even more powerful with the processors that come at the end of the signal chain. The MOD section works separate from the operators, with three EGs and three LFOs; and 12 virtual patches make a wide variety of routing possible. Use these features for a huge range of modulation to create swelling or add quick motion to your sounds.

A Treasure-Trove of Effects

korg opsix

Powerful FiltersIn contrast to FM, the FILTER section follows your creation of sounds by delivering analog synthesizer-like subtractive synthesis. Choose from a full range of filters you want to use, from the radical MS-20 low-pass/high-pass filter, to the powerful yet soft Polysix low-pass filter that gives your sound a “vintage” feel; as well as two- or four-pole low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band reject filters with resonance.

The high-definition effects you’ll find on the opsix can be used straight away in recording. The instrument delivers up to three simultaneous high-definition effects with 30 otions available. From standard effects like a compressor, EQ, chorus, flanger, phaser and stereo delay, to irregular effects like rotary speakers, grain shifters and more... as well as shimmering reverbs, the effects adds new characteristics to the already fantastic sounds.

Powerful 16-step Polyphonic Sequencer

The 16 buttons on the bottom right-hand part of the panel glow green with the colors that evoke FM synths, while giving you a multipurpose 16-step sequencer. With this onboard polyphonic note sequencer, you can record up to six notes per step, and edit the velocity, gate time and playback timing for each note.

korg opsix

Seamless Sound ChangesThe opsix allows you to create long phrases or make subtle shifts in timing to emulate strums or drum rolls, something that’s not possible on a typical 16step sequencer. Also, the motion sequencer of the opsix lets you record changes of up to six parameters, creating smooth motion changes in sound within a phrase, or building rhythms that change dramatically with each step.

While the opsix has an easy-to-use 37-note keyboard, it also comes with a sequencer that rivals that of grooveboxes. Just press the PLAY button—you’ll be amazed by the power that this sequencer is capable of.

Add Unpredictability To Sounds

korg opsix

Randomise FeatureYou can use the Randomise feature as found on the wavestate if you’re feeling some unexpected sonic experimentation. Press the button marked with the die icon to cdreate a newly randomised sound.

You can use the Randomise feature for the entire sound, or just for the operators, the algorithm or the sequences. Use the randomised sounds as-is or edit them as you wish, the possibilities are endless.

Free Bundle of Music Software

Endless VarietyThe opsix comes with a wide variety of music software from Izotope including “Ozone Elements” which allows you to not only create songs but also master them using AI, “Skoove” which will help you improve your keyboard playing skills, “Reason Lite” DAW software, as well as software synths from KORG and other brands.

Explore Korg Opsix with Luke Edwards

Go beyond FMLuke Edwards explores how Korg Opsix goes above and beyond what you would expect from a traditional FM synth. Lush pads, screaming leads, it's all here!

Opsix takes traditional six-operator FM synthesis, expands into brand new areas, allowing easy control in real-time via a full complement of knobs and faders. Five operator modes, 40 algorithms with user mode, extra waveforms, new and classic filters, incredible effects, 16-step sequencer and legacy FM compatibility complete your Altered FM journey.

The Tech Spec

Features Specification
Keyboard 37 keys (velocity and release-velocity sensitive)
Maximum Polyphony 32 voices (or a max. of 24 voices, depending on the settings)
Sound generating system Altered FM sound generator
Structure 6 operators, 1 filter, 3 EGs, 3 LFOs, 3 effects, step sequencer, arpeggiator
Algorithm 40 presets + user algorithm (unique to each program)
Operator 5 modes (FM, Ring Mod., Filter, Filter FM, Wave Folder)
Oscillator waveform 21 waveforms (Sine, Sine 12bit, Sine 8bit, Triangle, Saw, Saw HD, Square, Square HD, Additive Saw3, Additive Sqr3, Additive Tri3, Additive 12345, Additive 1+2, Additive 1+3, Additive +4, Additive 1+5, Additive 1+6, Additive 1+7, Additive 1+8, Noise S/H, Noise White)
Filter 11 types (LPF 12, LPF 24, LPF MS-20, LPF POLY6, HPF 12, HPF 24, HPF MS-20, BPF 6, BPF 12, BRF 6, BRF 12)
LFO 23 waveforms (Triangle, Saw Down, Saw Up, Square, Sine, Sample&Hold, Guitar, Exp. Triangle, Exp. Saw Down, Exp. Saw Up, Step4 Triangle, Step6 Triangle, Step4 Saw Down, Step6 Saw Down, StepRnd:Time, StepRnd:Lvl&Time, StepRnd:Level, Random:Time, Random:Lvl&Time, Triangle + , Saw Down + , Saw Up + , Square +)
V.Patch 12 routings
Effect 30 types (Chorus, Unison Ensemble, Phaser, Phaser (BPM) , Auto Pan, Auto Pan (BPM), Flanger, Flanger (BPM) , Rotary Speaker, Auto Wah, Exciter, Enhancer, LFO Filter, 3-Band EQ, Distortion, Guitar Amp, Decimator, Grain Shifter, Master Limiter, Compressor, Delay, Delay (BPM) , Autopan Dly, Autopan Dly (BPM), Tape Echo, Tape Echo (BPM) , Early Reflection, Reverb, Shimmer Reverb, Spring Reverb)
Sequencer Step Sequencer (up to 16 steps, up to 6 notes per step) , Motion Sequencer (up to 6 lanes)
Number of programs 500 (250 preset programs and 250 user programs as the factory-set de
Favorite 64 (16 Slots × 4 Banks)
Controllers MODULATION wheel, PITCH wheel, RATIO OP 1–6 knobs, LEVEL OP 1–6 sliders, DATA ENTRY A–F knobs
Inputs/outputs Headphone (6.3 mm stereo phone jack), OUTPUT L/MONO and R (impedance-balanced 6.3 mm TRS phone jacks), DAMPER (6.3 mm phone jack, half-damper not supported), MIDI IN and OUT connectors, USB B port
Power supply AC adapter (DC12V)
Power consumption 5 W
Dimensions (W × D × H) 565 × 338 × 90 mm / 22.24" × 13.31" × 3.54"
Weight 2.9 kg / 6.93 lbs.
Included items AC adapter, Precautions, Quick Start Guide
Product Type Synthesizer
PC Interface N/A
Keys 37
Wheels 2
Connectivity (Input)
  • 1 x MIDI
  • 1 x USB Type B
Connectivity (Output)
  • 1 x 6.3 mm stereo phone jack (Headphones)
  • 1 x MIDI
Sample Rate  
Bit Rate N/A
Frequency Response (Input) N/A
Frequency Response (Output) N/A
Maximum Input Level N/A
Maximum Output Level  
Dynamic Range  
Dimensions (mm) 565 x 90 x 338 (WxHxD)
Misc. Notes  
Package Type Retail
Additional Information
Scan Code LN111969
Model Number OPSIX
GTIN 2100000751

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Korg - 'Opsix' Altered FM Synthesizer
Korg - 'Opsix' Altered FM Synthesizer