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EVGA Pro 3 Way/2 Way SLI Bridge Version 2 with LED Logo

EVGA Pro SLI Bridge V2, 3-Way/2-Way Version, High Pixel Clock Optimised, EVGA Logo Illuminates on select EVGA GPUs

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End Of Life
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Product Overview Elegant Performance
EVGA has amped up the bling with the EVGA PRO SLI BRIDGE V2. These redesigned bridges come with several improvements over the previous generation SLI bridges. Not only do these new bridges light up and look great on select graphics cards, they also have a high quality aluminium shroud and are optimised for the next generation display resolutions and refresh rates, with a high pixel clock frequency design that gives best compatibility for 120Hz+ and 4K+ gaming!*

*On supported graphics cards with higher pixel clock frequencies.

More information can be found in the PDF below:
Data Sheet Features • EVGA Pro SLI Bridge V2 3-Way/2-Way Version
• Separate models to support 2-Way (Short), 2-Way (Standard), 3-Way SLI or 4-Way SLI. Note: 3-Way/2-Way Version Supplied Only, Other Versions Not Included, Sold Separately.
• High pixel clock design optimised for 4K+ and 120Hz+ gaming.
• EVGA logo illuminates on select GeForce GTX graphics cards.
• Compatible with all SLI enabled graphics cards.
• Looks super awesome!

SLI functionality works on all SLI enabled graphics cards. LED functionality works on the following cards:

• All EVGA GTX TITAN X graphics cards.
• All EVGA GTX 980 graphics cards.
• Select EVGA GTX 970 graphics cards.
- 04G-P4-3973-KR
- 04G-P4-3975-KR
- 04G-P4-3978-KR
• All EVGA GTX 960 graphics cards.
• All EVGA GTX TITAN graphics cards.
• All EVGA GTX 780 Ti graphics cards.
• All EVGA GTX 780 graphics cards.
• Select EVGA GTX 770 graphics cards.
- 02G-P4-2770-KR
- 02G-P4-2771-KR
- 02G-P4-2773-KR
- 02G-P4-2774-KR
- 02G-P4-3770-KR
- 02G-P4-3771-KR
- 04G-P4-3773-KR
- 04G-P4-3774-KR

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EVGA Pro 3 Way/2 Way SLI Bridge Version 2 with LED Logo
EVGA Pro 3 Way/2 Way SLI Bridge Version 2 with LED Logo