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BenQ G1 Slim Digital Camera Black Worlds Slimmest Swivel screen 3" 14Mpix

BenQ G1 Slim Digital Camera, 14MPix HD, F1.8 Lens, 3" Swivel Panel

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Product Overview Turn Your World Around with the G1
Light and compact, the all new BenQ G1 is the world’s slimmest F1.8 swivel-screen digital camera. Perfect for capturing stunning photographs day and night at every turn, the G1 lets you show the world your life story your way.
Compared to 2012 Q2 DSLR-like swivel-screen cameras built with a bright lens.

Light and compact, the all new BenQ G1 is the world’s slimmest F1.8 swivel-screen digital camera. Perfect for capturing stunning photographs day and night at every turn, the G1 lets you show the world your life story your way.

The BenQ G1 Features Four State-of-the-Art Intelligent Technologies to Give You a Total Imaging Solution

F1.8 Bright Lens
- The BenQ G1 lens has seven lenses elements in six groups, including an aspherical lens element that improves focus and image integrity by correcting visual aberrations and minimizing illumination loss.
- The high-transmission, part-glass lens material and lens thread of 17mm increase light transmission to achieve optimum visual clarity in dimly lit environments or at night.
- A lens shift-type image stabilizer paired with an advanced digital image processor effectively reduces image noise and blur caused by hand jitters.
- A shallow depth of field greatly blurs the background to create beautiful bokeh pictures.

CMOS Sensor
A 14M pixel CMOS sensor with embedded light-sensitive diodes increases the pixel-by-pixel light absorbance volume to achieve twice the light transmission rate as a traditional sensor component and to lower image noise by 50% – so ultra-clear photos can be created without a tripod in low light environments and at night. Low voltage image transfer further lowers power consumption, allowing more time for video- and photo-shooting.

High-Speed Dual Core DSP
- A dual core operation processes high resolution images and multiple tasks efficiently to deliver Full HD videos and continuously shot photos without increasing power consumption.
- Next-generation image processing pipelines transmit high resolution images with low-light sensitivity to offer optimum image and video quality in low light settings or fast-moving scenes.
- The new noise cancellation function produces clear and vivid images even with increased ISO sensitivity under a dim light source.
- Exclusive Image Registration and Ghost Image Removal technologies further perfect the performance of multi-image composing features such as Handheld Night Shot, HDR and Background Defocus.

3" 920k Pixel Swivel Screen
- Wide Color Gamut: Significantly improved optical performance for more saturated colors and realistic image.
- High Resolution: 920k pixel image resolution to deliver a sharper, clearer picture.
- High Contrast: Supported by 800:1 high contrast ratio for higher color saturation and gradation.
- Wide Viewing Angle: A faithful presentation of images and videos from left, right, up and down.
- High Sensitivity: For playing fast-moving dynamic videos free of image noise.
- High Brightness: Over 400 nits of brightness so the view is clear even under the sun.

F1.8 Bright Lens

In the World of F1.8 Bright Lens,The Night Walks in Beauty
An F1.8 bright lens increases light transmission in low light shooting conditions, enabling the G1 to capture breathtaking night views with a stunning depth of field and outstanding theme – without having to increase the ISO or worry about hand jitters blurring the images.

Beautiful Nights Captured Effortlessly By Handheld Night Shot Mode
With an F1.8 bright lens, you can use the Handheld Night Shot feature to take clear and vivid shots at night instead of setting up a tripod.

Capture Great Moments at Every Turn with a Swivel Screen
Enjoy the flexibility and ease of capturing great moments with multiple-angle shooting!

Special Shooting Modes
Simulating the shallow depth of field effect of a DSLR camera, the G1 automatically captures two shots with different depth of field and layers them together to create a soft, blurry background that highlights the subject of your image.
Transform the most ordinary sights into magnificent views with theatrical magic effects. BenQ's unique MagiQ Filter is designed to add intensity to your photos with heightened contrast and color saturation at the moment you press down the shutter.
The HDR-Art feature applies the same mechanism as the HDR image enhancement technology to combine multiple photos with a dynamic range of exposure levels adjusted between the brightest and darkest areas of the photo. As a result, a stunning artistic image that is perfectly balanced in contrast and brightness is created.
The Oil Painting Mode simulates the color volume and texture achieved by an oil painting brush by reducing the layers of colors in a photo – so anyone can make a classic movie poster out of a great picture.
To create a sketch-style image, the G1 outlines your photos with highlighted details in the darker and brighter areas of the composition. Without colors to create a complex scene, you can express your view in the simplest way.
Besides the commonly seen red, green and blue color filters, the G1 gives you five new colors – orange, yellow, cyan, purple and pink – so you can express yourself through different themes effortlessly.
Press the shutter button and have the G1 take 16 consecutive photos at 30 frames per second and automatically combine them into one spectacular shot.

Tell Your Story Your Way
Experience All New Manual Operation with the BenQ G1
- M (Manual) Mode: This feature allows you to set the shutter speed and aperture value freely to take photos with higher flexibility.
- Av (Aperture Priority) Mode: 14 aperture value choices at zoom 1 enable you to highlight your photographic theme and create images with great depth.
- Tv (Shutter Priority) Mode: This feature allows you to adjust the shutter speed according to your moving subjects to clearly capture dynamic images.
- P (Program) Mode: The camera will automatically adjust the shutter speed and aperture value, so all you need to do is focus on forming the perfect composition.

Flip, Color and Adjust the Speed
Get Creative with Full HD Video Recording

Zoom In and Out to Highlight All the Touching Moments
Zoom in and out while recording to capture close-ups of your subjects effortlessly. With the independent recording button and quality stereo sound recording, no moments will be missed!

Set Your Tempo with Slow or Fast Motion Recording
The G1 performs high-speed recording at 120 and 60 frames per second with a maximum recording time of 12 minutes and 30 seconds and playbacks your videos smoothly in slow motion at 30 frames per second – revealing details you may miss with the naked eye. It also supports video recording in slow motion at 15 frames per second so you can playback the video at twice the original speed at 30 frames per second to get the fast motion visual effect.

Show Your Colors with Your Very Own Video Creation
Equipped with color enhancement support, the G1 delivers color effects for black and white – as well as sepia, vivid, vivid red, vivid green, and vivid blue during video recording.

ecoFACTS Label
ecoFACTS can tell you how eco-friendly BenQ products are!
Development of eco-friendly products, BenQ doesn't just want to comply with green regulations passively, but also to actively develop eco-friendly products!
ecoFACTS declares BenQ's greatest efforts on the replacement of hazardous substances, material selection, packaging design, energy-saving design and other aspects of the products.

*Battery & Charger is included* Features http://benq.co.uk/product/camera/g1/specifications

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BenQ G1 Slim Digital Camera Black Worlds Slimmest Swivel screen 3" 14Mpix
BenQ G1 Slim Digital Camera Black Worlds Slimmest Swivel screen 3" 14Mpix