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Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package + Rupert Neve RNHP Analogue Headphone Amplifier + Stand

Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package Without Travel Case + Rupert Neve RNHP Analogue Headphone Amplifier + Stand

Thumbnail 1 : Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package + Rupert Neve RNHP Analogue Headphone Amplifier + Stand Thumbnail 2 : Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package + Rupert Neve RNHP Analogue Headphone Amplifier + Stand Thumbnail 3 : Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package + Rupert Neve RNHP Analogue Headphone Amplifier + Stand Thumbnail 4 : Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package + Rupert Neve RNHP Analogue Headphone Amplifier + Stand
Scan code: LN90162 Manufacturer code: 100-LX-1015-00
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Product Overview

Audeze LCD-X - The Studio Flagship - Ideal For Mixing and Mastering

Recommended By Scan Pro Audio
Since it's release, the LCD-X has become THE headphone for Professional Audio users. Many of the world's biggest records have been mixed and/or mastered with Audeze headphones. These includes songs from Ed Sheeran, Adele, John Mayer, Kanye West, Lorde, Imagine Dragons and many others. Perhaps more amazing is the fact these engineers and producers never used headphones in their workflow until they heard Audeze!

After consulting many producers and mix engineers using LCD range headphones, we realised that the majority kept them in the studio, where they were used with the single ended (quarter inch jack) cable. This isnt a downgrade of the LCD-X itself, which still comes with a premium braided quater inch cable, but the flightcase and balanced cable are now not included as standard, but of course can be bought separately if required.

Imagine an unbelievably detailed pair of headphones that can get amazing results from your Laptop, Tablet or Phone without an additional headphone amp? Well, this is it! The low impedance makes these perfect for travelling producers and listeners alike, still with enough detail to attract top mastering engineers such as Erick Labson (Aerosmith, The Who, Souljah Boy) and Stuart Hawkes ("X" by Ed Sheeran, Naughty Boy, Chase & Status, Example)

If you do have a dedicated DAC / Amp (such as the excellent Audeze Deckard or Chord Hugo or Mojo), then you can unlock another level of detail and precision, however they will work to a good volume with almost every device including phones and laptops.

The reference-level LCD-X is an exciting addition to the LCD planar magnetic headphone collection. The LCD-X features a newly-developed and processed transducer made of a thinner and lighter alternative material with new Fazor technology.

Exclusive LCD-X Planar Magnetic Technology

The Engineers Best Friend
Audeze had one goal in mind when designing the LCD range of headphones "To recreate sound precisely as the artist intended". The LCD range produce incredibly accurate and detailed sound, which has won Audeze many awards in the Hi-Fi world and gained many professional studio users including Ken Andrews (Paramore, Nine Inch Nails), Rob Swire (Pendulum / Knife Party), Richie Hawtin, Andy C & Noisia, as well as many of the world's leading mastering engineers.

o Audeze Headphones utilise Planar Magnetic technology which overcome many of the limitations of cone-based drivers.
o Unlike conventional cones which are attached to a voice coil with a single magnet, Planar Magnetic drivers have two sets of magnets, with the diaphragm etched onto a wafer-thin film in between them with one set of magnets pushing as one set pulls. As the magnetic field is distributed across the entire diaphragm, it can move faster, reproducing the waves much more accurately and also reduces distortion. Other headphones and speakers often have square waves that look more like sawtooths, due to the cone not being able to move as fast as required.
o Planar magnetic drivers are also a lot more durable than dynamic drivers as only the diaphragm actually moves in the headphones, so the drivers wont degrade as they get older.
o Audeze made many changes to the basic planar magnetic design, with them being renowned for their extended low frequency response and exceptionally sharp transients.

Designed, Engineered and Handcrafted In Audeze's California Factory

Meticulously Built
The LCD-X earcups are made from polished anodized aluminum with sloped ear pads of either premium lambskin leather or a leather-free super-suede microfiber fabric. The earpads are designed with specially-crafted foam offering the proper firmness and acoustic balance.

Industrial Design By Audeze

Refined Aluminium Finish
You'll be proud of how the LCD-X looks and sounds; it's imbued with sophisticated looks and beautiful anodized aluminium rings that are manufactured at Audeze's facility. The quality of the entire structure guarantees years of trouble-free listening. The cutting-edge designs and circuit technologies have created a breathtakingly beautiful sounding headphone.

These include the new "Fazor" waveguides in each earphone assembly. The Fazor elements improve clarity, focus and the already spectacular holographic imaging. The two Fazor elements are placed just outside the two magnet structures that surround the diaphragm in each capsule. They guide and manage the flow of sound around the magnets.

"To call the LCD-X good would be an under-statement on a par with describing the Beatles as popular, because they're not good. They're amazing. It's also a revelation to hear bass that is this deep yet effortless and articulate. They present a very believable and involving stereo panorama. There's an effortlessness and power to the transient response that simply makes other headphones sound two-dimensional by comparison... drums have the sort of punch and depth that you usually get only from large speaker systems. You can absolutely crank the level on your headphone amp and, provided the amp itself is up to the mark, all you get is a deeper and more engaging listening experience. Nothing crunches, or honks, or sizzles; instead, the music is just delivered to your ears with more authority and power. In short, though, the Audeze LCD-Xs are the best headphones I have ever heard, and not by a small margin."
Sam Inglis - Sound On Sound Magazine - September 2015

"Beautifully-finished and equally beautiful-sounding, deliciously smooth, unambiguously stable and accurate imaging with a lack of coloration in the midrange and treble."
John Atkinson, Stereophile

"The subtle gradations of dynamics in piano recordings are a real thrill... you'll realize how most headphones gloss over that aspect of sound reproduction."
Steve Guttenberg, CNET

"The sound is wide and deep... it sounds bigger and better with superb separation. The mids offer simply fantastic detail and contouring that you just don't get in 99.5 per cent of headphones."
Andre Williams, Trusted Reviews

"The sense of space is enormous, sounding more like speakers in a room than drivers next to your ears."
Geoffrey Morrison, Forbes

"I can hear further into the recording as there's more air between the instruments. The recording had me so engrossed with the performance that it brought tears to my eyes."
Frank Iacone, Headphone Guru

"The smallest details, the shortest transients, were all a clear and well defined as I could imagine possible. There was not a hint of over-sibilance."
John E. Johnson, Secrets of Home Theater and HighFi

RNHP - Precision Analogue Headphone Amp from The Legendary Rupert Neve

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Headphone Amplifier

Reference Quality Without Compromise
Rupert Neve Designs RNHP is a reference-quality headphone amplifier. Based on the headphone output circuitry from the RND 5060 Centrepiece, this 24v dedicated headphone amp has a calibrated +4dBu balanced line, unbalanced RCA and 3.5mm inputs which allow you to connect pretty much any device you can imagine. Housed in an industrial grade, rugged steel chassis with front overhang to protect the device and controls you can be sure that the RNHP is built to last and can be taken on the road if required.

Dedicated vs Integrated

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Headphone Amplifier

24v Dedicated Headphone Amplifier
The headphone output is usually an afterthought on most equipment, with integrated solutions leading to compromised power and quality from the output itself. This in turn leads to issues such as lack of focus, low headroom and unreliable performance from your 'phones, meaning all that money you spent on fancy cans is going to waste. Rupert Neve decided to turn his attention to this little quandary and set about developing a headphone amplifier that deserves to be your go to device, both at home and in the studio.

Your Headphones Have Never Sounded Better

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Headphone Amplifier

Outstanding Level of Performance
The RNHD delivers outstanding sonic performance, wide-open soundstage and can drive any pair of headphones - even high impedance studio headphones. Integrated headphone amplifiers lack the means to perform well in loud tracking sessions where high monitoring levels are required. The RNHP on the other hand has enough juice to drive them effortlessly and will give you a level of performance you have never experienced with headphones before.

Benefits of Near-Zero Ohm Output Impedance

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Headphone Amplifier

No More Distortion - Even at High SPL
Sometimes mixing with headphones is vital. Neighbourly friendliness and marital bliss can all be on the line when pushing high SPL levels out of studio monitors or maybe you have to work in a non-ideal room for mixing, in either scenario, headphones will be a crucial solution. The RNHP is designed with a near zero Ohm output impedance to minimize issues from the headphones frequency based reactive-load impedance - no more frequency response, noise and distortion issues from using an amp without an ideal resistive load. This also improves conformity of sound between different pairs of cans when performing comparisons. This is imperative for people who need to trust the decisions they make with headphones.

VESA Mountable for Perfect Positioning

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Headphone Amplifier

Location, Location
The RNHD chassis is VESA mountable. It is fully compatible with all VESA 100 mounts meaning you can mount the RNHP to pole mounts, wall mounts, table mounts or articulating arm mounts to ensure the RNHP is always in the perfect position for use.

More information can be found in the User Manual below:
Data Sheet
Features Each LCD-X comes with:
• Braided Cable (single-ended 1/4")
• Warranty documents

• Style: Open circumaural
• Transducer type: Planar magnetic
• Magnetic structure: Proprietary self-closing design
• Magnet type: High-grade Neodymium
• Diaphragm area: 39.8sq cm (6.17sq in)
• Maximum power: 15W (for 200 ms)
• Optimal power: 1-4W
• SPL: > 130dB with 15W
• Freq Response: 5Hz - 20kHz extension to 50kHz
• THD: < 1%
• Impedance: 20 ohms
• Efficiency: 95dB / 1mW
• Weight: 600g
• Cable length: 2.5m (8.2 ft)

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Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package + Rupert Neve RNHP Analogue Headphone Amplifier + Stand
Audeze LCD-X Music Creator Package + Rupert Neve RNHP Analogue Headphone Amplifier + Stand