Scan code: LN105326 Manufacturer code: 900-0002

Artiphon - 'INSTRUMENT 1' (White) Digital Multi-Instrument & MIDI Controller

Artiphon - 'INSTRUMENT 1' (White) Digital Instrument, Multi-channel MIDI MPE compatible, Fretted or fretless

Thumbnail 1 : Artiphon - 'INSTRUMENT 1' (White) Digital Multi-Instrument & MIDI Controller Thumbnail 2 : Artiphon - 'INSTRUMENT 1' (White) Digital Multi-Instrument & MIDI Controller Thumbnail 3 : Artiphon - 'INSTRUMENT 1' (White) Digital Multi-Instrument & MIDI Controller
Scan code: LN105326 Manufacturer code: 900-0002
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Artiphon - 'INSTRUMENT 1' (White)
Digital Multi-Instrument & MIDI Controller

artiphon instrument 1

The First of Its KindThe Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is a versatile, expressive, and portable multi-instrument. With this single instrument, you can perform a range of intuitive musical gestures and play any sound. It was designed to be fun and useful for music lovers from beginners to professionals. The INSTRUMENT 1's diversity can be scaled from a simple connection to the Artiphon iOS app up to a powerful and customizable MIDI interface for professional software.

Amazing Features • Fretted or fretless: Easy choose between both playing modes
• One cable setup, no special drivers needed
• 1/8” jack for headphones & microphones
• Compatible with iOS, Mac, and Windows
• Multi-channel MIDI MPE compatible

Simple Yet Versatile

artiphon instrument 1

VOLUME & PRESET KNOBThe circular multi-purpose knob can be turned to control volume and pressed to cycle between presets


HEADPHONE & MIC JACKFrom 27 minutes to 30 minutes


BRIDGEThe six triggers between the fingerboard and knob used to trigger sounds


CAPO BUTTONSThe two triangular buttons at the end of the fingerboard


FINGERBOARDThe rectangular, pressure-sensitive playing surface with six strings and twelve frets


6 DIGITAL STRING & 12 OPTIONAL FRETSPressure sensitive strings and frets that pick up your playing style


STEREO SPEAKERSTwo speakers loud enough to for acoustic settings

Endless Playabiliy

Fretted/FretlessThe different modes change how the INSTRUMENT 1 can be played. Two modes set the fingerboard to respond like digital strings. Each string has a base tuning and the pitch ascends chromatically. The tuning can be chosen from one of the provided profiles in the app or editor and can also be customized. If two frets are pressed on one string, only the higher note will be played.

Notes can be triggered by performing hammer-ons and pull-offs. Fretless mode allows you to slide continuously between notes, while Fretted mode will play the notes of the chromatic scale. In Fretless mode, the notes of the chromatic scale can be played by pressing just to the left of a fret marker.

fretted fretless

GridGrid mode has 72 notes on the fingerboard in a 12 x 6 arrangement with an additional 6 triggers on the bridge. Any note on the grid can be pressed and played, allowing you to play multiple notes on the same string. Unlike string modes where the tuning ascends chromatically from a base tuning, each Grid mode note location can be tuned individually. You’ll notice the notes in Grid mode are where the strings are in Fretted and Fretless modes, not the spaces in between strings.


PadPad mode has 12 locations with an additional 6 triggers on the bridge. In this mode, an entire fret becomes one large pad, so just a single note or chord will be triggered no matter what part of the region is pressed.


MethodThe method setting determines how you intend to interact with the INSTRUMENT 1. Some methods are only available for certain modes.

Strum (Available for Fretted, Fretless, and Pad modes)Strum method is similar to playing strings like a guitar, bass, banjo, harp, etc. A string will be engaged by strumming or plucking the bridge. Notes can also be activated by striking the fingerboard as a hammer-on or pulling-off to another fretted note. The bridge and fingerboard are sensitive to how hard they are played (velocity). If you are holding a string on the fingerboard, the note will stop when the fingerboard is released. Open strings will ring out for some time unless they are muted.

Strings can be muted in a few different ways: If you press straight into the bridge, this will mute the note. When you release this, a note will not be triggered. If you touch the bridge, but release slowly, this will not trigger a note. (As if you were playing bass and your finger lands on a lower string, not intending to pluck it.) If you lightly press an active open string on the fingerboard, this will mute the note.

Tap (Available for Fretted, Grid, and Pad modes)Tap method is similar to playing a keyboard or a drum pad. When you tap or press the fingerboard or bridge, a note will be triggered. When you release, the note will turn off. The bridge and fingerboard are sensitive to how hard they are played (velocity).

Slide (Available for Fretless mode)Slide method is the Fretless version of Tap, where you can tap a note and slide up or down a string. This method also allows for vibrato when rocking back and forth over a fret. This method uses the MIDI message pitch bend. The Pitch Bend Range output of the INSTRUMENT 1 can be set to 12, 24, or 48. The fingerboard is sensitive to how hard it is played (velocity).

Bow (Available for Fretted and Fretless modes)Bow method is similar to using a bowed string instrument like a violin or cello. Pressing the bridge will activate a string, and modulating pressure will control the MIDI message brightness (CC 74). Releasing the bridge will end the note. Multiple bridge triggers can be bowed and independently control brightness. In the Artiphon app, Bow method is mapped to control volume.

iBOW (Available for Fretless, Grid, and Pad modes when connected to the Artiphon app)iBow uses the accelerometer in iOS devices to control the volume of the sound. The iPhone is moved in a bowing motion while pressing down on a string on the INSTRUMENT 1. The angle of the iPhone and the motion combined determine how loud a sound is played.


TuningThe tuning of the INSTRUMENT 1 can be easily changed and customized. We provide a number of tuning profiles in the app and editor, and each note can be edited. The fretted and fretless modes have a base tuning for each string, and the notes ascend chromatically up the frets. In grid and pad mode, each note element can be edited independently.

Anything Is Possible

These features can be turned on and off unlike the core settings which are part of every preset. Some features are global, meaning they apply to all presets. Other features are preset specific, meaning they can be on for some presets, but not for others.

Multi-Channel MIDIThe INSTRUMENT 1 can output MIDI on multiple channels (1-7). This is a new, emerging MIDI specification called MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE). With MPE, you can control pitch bend and pressure for individual notes, meaning you can slide notes in different directions with independent pressure control.

TiltThe INSTRUMENT 1 can be tilted to control mod wheel (CC 1). The maximum tilt range starts from horizontal & parallel with the ground going 90 degrees up to vertical. The minimum and maximum tilt ranges can be adjusted to any range of motion within the 90 degrees.

String BendingIn the Fretted mode, string bending can be activated. Apply pressure to the fingerboard to bend a string by up to two semitones.

Smart StrumSet your INSTRUMENT 1 to Pad mode and Strum method to play Smart Strum. Press anywhere on a pad and strum or pick the bridge to easily play full chords with a single finger. Change chords by pressing a different pads. This feature is also compatible with pressure, tilt, and the arpeggiator. Chord tuning profiles can be customized to include different chord root notes and voicings.

CapoThe capo buttons will shift the tuning up or down. This can be set to shift by one semitone or one octave. The maximum number of shifts is 12 up or down.

ArpeggiatorNotes will activate at a set tempo as long as they are held down. If multiple notes are played and held, they will play over and over in the order they were activated. The tempo can be adjusted by tapping in the app or set to a specific BPM. The rate of the notes can also be set to a specific note value.

ArpeggiatorThe INSTRUMENT 1 can be played by both left and right-handed players. The Fretted and Fretless string modes can be set to either a left or right-handed orientation. The INSTRUMENT 1 can globally be set to always right or left. Alternately, it can be set to Automatic flip, where the INSTRUMENT 1 will flip the strings based on how you are holding it. There is also a preset-specific override setting, in case you wish to set a preset to flip specifically one way,

Program ChangesWhen activated, the INSTRUMENT 1 will send a MIDI program change message when you press the preset selector knob. The messages 0–7 can be sent for the eight presets.

More Features You Will Love

Pressure-Sensitive Fingerboard

Pressure-Sensitive FingerboardModulate effects even after you've triggered your note with continuous aftertouch.

All-Day Battery

All-Day BatteryWith all-day battery life, direct iOS connection, and MIDI MPE compatibility, the award-winning INSTRUMENT 1 has opened a new category of production, performance, and play.


SpeakersTwo stereo speakers that are as loud as an acoustic guitar so you can be heard in unplugged settings.

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1: 4 Minute Overview

The Tech Spec

Features Specification
I/O Audio Interface with 24 bit/96 kHz
Connectivity MIDI/Audio via USB
Dimensions 597 x 81 x 53 mm
Weight 408 g
Power Supply 12V DC, 100-240V, International
Speakers 2 x 1.25" (stereo)
Audio I/O Analog 1/8" TRRS
Battery Lithium Ion Polymer2000mAh / 1C
Battery Life 4 - 6 hours with 50% volume
Battery Lifetime 80% capacity after 500 full charging cycles
Product Type  
PC Interface N/A
Connectivity (Input)  
Connectivity (Output)  
Sample Rate  
Bit Rate N/A
Frequency Response (Input) N/A
Frequency Response (Output) N/A
Maximum Input Level N/A
Maximum Output Level  
Dynamic Range  
Dimensions (mm)  
Misc. Notes  
Package Type  
Additional Information
Scan Code LN105326
Model Number 900-0002
GTIN 869302000114

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Scan Computers International Limited
Artiphon - 'INSTRUMENT 1' (White) Digital Multi-Instrument & MIDI Controller
Artiphon - 'INSTRUMENT 1' (White) Digital Multi-Instrument & MIDI Controller