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USB and Aquabus D5 Pump Mechanic from Aquacomputer

Aquacomputer D5 Pump Mechanics with USB & Aquabus Interface for Custom PC Watercooling Loop

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Product Overview The D5 pump mechanics are a very powerful pump motor, which only requires a suitable top to complete the pump. The electronically commutated ball motor boasts extremely smooth operation and a long lifespan. As the USB version with the Aqua Computer D5 pump mechanics, this pump motor features an integrated controller and monitoring electronics with USB and aquabus interface, a configurable alarm channel as well as an external temperature sensor input.

For monitoring and configuration the software aquasuite is available for download. A 4-pin aquabus interface allows direct connection to an aquaero 5 (not included). The alarm output can either be configured as an artificial rpm signal for connection to a fan channel with speed monitoring (e.g. Mainboard fan channels) or as a switching channel for e.g. activating a LED in case of an alarm. For alarm monitoring besides the measured flow rate and water temperature, an external temperature sensor input is available. The external temperature sensor input is compatible with all temperature sensors offered by Aqua Computer. Features Technical specifications:
• Dimensions (Diameter x height): 66 x 57 mm (without connection cable)
• Operating voltage: 8 - 24 V DC
• Power consumptions: 23 W (at 12 V)
• Pressure head at 12 V: 3,7 m H2O
• Power connection via 4-Pin Molex drive connector

• 1x Aqua Computer D5 pump mechanics unit with USB- and aquabus interface
• 1x Internal USB connection cable
• 1x Aquabus / rpm signal cable (3-Pin)

External Temperature Sensor Input Compatibility List:
• Temperature sensor inline G1/4 (Item No. 71162)
• Temperature sensor inner/outer thread G1/4 (Item No. 71160 and 71170)
• Temperature sensor 50 cm and 90 cm (Item No. 71125 and 71005)

Please note:
For operation a suitable pump top is required. The pump’s electronics are not waterproof, they must not come in contact with water at any time – no submerged operation possible!

Please note your statutory rights are not affected.

For further information regarding Scan's warranty procedure please see our terms and conditions

Warranty information has not yet been updated for this product. For further information please call 0871 472 4747 or 01204 474747.

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USB and Aquabus D5 Pump Mechanic from Aquacomputer
USB and Aquabus D5 Pump Mechanic from Aquacomputer