Scan code: LN120398 Manufacturer code: Zen Go Synergy Core

Antelope Audio - 'Zen Go Synergy Core'+ Audeze - 2021 LCD-X Creator Pack with Lightweight Case

Antelope Audio - 'Zen Go Synergy Core' 4 x 8 Bus-Powered USB-C Audio Interface, + Audeze LCD-X Creator OB Headphones

Thumbnail 1 : Antelope Audio - 'Zen Go Synergy Core'+ Audeze - 2021 LCD-X Creator Pack with Lightweight Case Thumbnail 2 : Antelope Audio - 'Zen Go Synergy Core'+ Audeze - 2021 LCD-X Creator Pack with Lightweight Case Thumbnail 3 : Antelope Audio - 'Zen Go Synergy Core'+ Audeze - 2021 LCD-X Creator Pack with Lightweight Case Thumbnail 4 : Antelope Audio - 'Zen Go Synergy Core'+ Audeze - 2021 LCD-X Creator Pack with Lightweight Case
Scan code: LN120398 Manufacturer code: Zen Go Synergy Core
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Antelope Audio - 'Zen Go Synergy Core' Audio Interface
& Audeze - 2021 LCD-X Creator Pack

antelope zen go synergy core audeze lcd-x

The Ultimate Audio PackageThe Antelope Audio Zen Go Synergy Core is an innovative bus-powered desktop interface featuring stunning technology you only find in high-end professional studios, providing instant access to premium sound quality no matter where you are. Included with the Interface is the Audeze 2021 LCD-X Creator Pack with Lightweight Case. These open-back headphones are highly rated by Hi-Fi fanatics worldwide for thier incredibly accurate and detailed sound, made from premium components and using modern technology to provide you cosistent, reliable and honest audio playback. Together with the Zen Go Synergy Core, you have the ultimate audio package.

Amazing Features • Direct monitoring mixers for real-time hardware-based monitoring with onboard effects
• Dedicated secondary USB- C connection for external power supply and reverse charging
• Alternative MONITOR line out on RCA connectors directly fed from the main DAC
• Planar Magnetic headphone drivers reproduce even the most intimate details
• Powerful Neodymium magnets deliver some of the most accurate sound reproduction

4 x 8 Bus-Powered USB-C Audio Interface

antelope zen go synergy core

High-Resolution AudioA vast library of Synergy Core analog-modeled effects allows you to edit your sound with precision and character whilst monitoring in real-time with ultra-low latency. Closing the sound-quality gap between artists, engineers, and producers with access to high-end studios and those working from home. The core technologies that earned their status as some of the most revered recording studios are now available in a much smaller format.

22Guitar Amps & Cabs

127 dBHeadroom

37Real-Time Effects

Professional Studio-Sound

antelope zen go synergy core

Class-leading AD/DA conversionThe converters provide up to 127dB of headroom and provide further detail in the low-end, and sonic excess found only in the most sophisticated studios.

Discrete console-grade preampsUltra-linear console-grade transistor topology allows for recording with the highest fidelity and resolution, whilst sounding warm and musical on every source.

64-bit AFC™ technologyThe 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking™ technology is taken straight from devices that have scored Hollywood’s biggest hits and power some of the most renowned studios around the world.

World-Class Features

antelope zen go synergy core

Bus-powered USB-CAs Antelope's first truly portable interface, the Zen Go Synergy Core only requires a single USB-C cable plugged into your computer to work. You can also connect the device to any phone charger or power bank and use core functionality without a computer.

Intuitive controlsGet ready for a session quickly and easily with the software Control Panel. Set-up your routing from a user-friendly drop-down menu and customize your monitoring mixes with adjustable volume, pan and reverb.

Switchable inputsThe two combo XLR jacks give you the options to choose between Discrete console-grade mic preamps, line level and Hi-Z instrument inputs which are easily switchable from the front panel.

Loopback for streamingSend your monitoring mixes containing any signal source from the interface’s inputs and OS/DAW playback, back into your computer’s virtual inputs for easy setup of online broadcasting.

Session recallFor every individual recording situation, you can save session files and create exact snapshots of all your settings so you can load them later without losing your progress.

Your Studio, Everywhere


Versatility & SimplicityThe Zen Go Synergy Core is designed for ultra-low latency recording, high-resolution playback, creative beat making and podcasting without any complications.

With travel-friendly features and design, the interface can accompany you on your tours and on-location recording sessions, without comprimising on workflow and consistency.

Record With Iconic Sound


Sought-After EffectsAn incredible selection of 37 of the most useful and sought-after effects we're carefully selected and included them with every Zen Go Synergy Core. This free library of analog-modeled compressors, EQs, mic preamps, guitar amps & cabs, along with the signature Antelope AuraVerb, gives you all the tools you’ll need to create incredible, rich sounding productions without spending any extra money.

Along with the 37 free effects, the ever-growing Synergy Core library offers over 50 more as optional expansions, including emulations of classics such as Grove Hill’s Liverpool and Gyratec’s legendary EQs, as well as third-party effects such as Antares’ Auto-Tune and Inertia’s Instinct.

Synergy Core Collection


Special Processing




Pedals, Delay & Modulation


Preamps & Channel Strips


Dynamics Processors


Guitar Cabs


Guitar Amps

'Made to Mix, Made to Master'
Audeze - 'LCD-X'


Music Creators Package The Audeze LCD-X creator pack has been improved with the addition of a lightweight travel case. This is more practical for many travellers than the larger waterproof travel case. It is compact and enables you to put it inside a suitcase or cabin bag more easily, rather than it having to be a piece of luggage on it's own.

Since it's release, the LCD-X has become THE headphone for Professional Audio users. Many of the world's biggest records have been mixed and/or mastered with Audeze headphones. These includes songs from Ed Sheeran, Adele, John Mayer, Kanye West, Lorde, Imagine Dragons and many others. Perhaps more amazing is the fact these engineers and producers never used headphones in their workflow until they heard Audeze!.

After consulting many producers and mix engineers using LCD range headphones, we realised that the majority kept them in the studio, where they were used with the single ended (quarter inch jack) cable. This isnt a downgrade of the LCD-X itself, which still comes with a premium braided quater inch cable, but the flightcase and balanced cable are now not included as standard, but of course can be bought separately if required.

If you do have a dedicated DAC / Amp (such as the excellent iFi 'Zen Dac', Lake People 'G109P' or RME 'ADI-2 DAC'), then you can unlock another level of detail and precision. The reference-level LCD-X is an exciting addition to the LCD planar magnetic headphone collection. The LCD-X features a newly-developed and processed transducer made of a thinner and lighter alternative material.

106mmTransducer size

10Hz - 50kHzFrequency Response

>130dBMax SPL


Exclusive LCD-X Planar Magnetic Technology


The Engineers Best Friend Audeze had one goal in mind when designing the LCD range of headphones "To recreate sound precisely as the artist intended". The LCD range produce incredibly accurate and detailed sound, which has won Audeze many awards in the Hi-Fi world and gained many professional studio users including Ken Andrews (Paramore, Nine Inch Nails), Rob Swire (Pendulum / Knife Party), Richie Hawtin, Andy C & Noisia, as well as many of the world's leading mastering engineers.

• Audeze Headphones utilise Planar Magnetic technology which overcome many of the limitations of cone-based drivers.

• Unlike conventional cones which are attached to a voice coil with a single magnet, Planar Magnetic drivers have two sets of magnets, with the diaphragm etched onto a wafer-thin film in between them with one set of magnets pushing as one set pulls. As the magnetic field is distributed across the entire diaphragm, it can move faster, reproducing the waves much more accurately and also reduces distortion. Other headphones and speakers often have square waves that look more like sawtooths, due to the cone not being able to move as fast as required.

• Planar magnetic drivers are also a lot more durable than dynamic drivers as only the diaphragm actually moves in the headphones, so the drivers wont degrade as they get older.

• Audeze made many changes to the basic planar magnetic design, with them being renowned for their extended low frequency response and exceptionally sharp transients.

Designed, Engineered in Audeze's California Factory


Refined Aluminium Finish You'll be proud of how the LCD-X looks and sounds; it's imbued with sophisticated looks and beautiful anodized aluminium rings that are manufactured at Audeze's facility. The quality of the entire structure guarantees years of trouble-free listening. The cutting-edge designs and circuit technologies have created a breathtakingly beautiful sounding headphone.

These include the new "Fazor" waveguides in each earphone assembly. The Fazor elements improve clarity, focus and the already spectacular holographic imaging. The two Fazor elements are placed just outside the two magnet structures that surround the diaphragm in each capsule. They guide and manage the flow of sound around the magnets.

Materials Materials

What's in the Box?

• LCD-X planar magnetic headphones
• 1.9m 1/4'' to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable
• User guide and warranty card
• Carry Case


Zen Go Synergy Core | USB-C Bus-Powered Audio Interface | Product Overview

Zen Go Synergy Core Tech Spec

Features Specification
Conversion & Clocking Class-leading AD/DA conversion with up to 127dB of headroom;
Recording, mixing and playback at up to 24-bit/192kHz;
Proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC™) technology & Jitter Management algorithm delivering increased width, separation, and detail in musical performances.
Connectivity 2x Discrete ultra-linear preamps with 65dB of gain for studio-quality recordings. All work as microphone/line/Hi-Z inputs, on combo XLR jacks;
USB-C port carrying up to 8 input and 8 output channels in any popular DAW with custom macOS & Windows drivers;
Secondary USB-C port allowing reverse-charging;
Digitally expandable over S/PDIF;
Analog monitor outputs including 1x stereo output over RCA and 1x stereo output over TRS (mirrored);
2x stereo headphone outputs with separate gain control, compatible with wide variety of headphones.
Workflow-Enhancing Features Bus-powered interface – powered by the USB connection without need for a dedicated power source;
Direct monitoring with Synergy Core effects, processed in real-time with imperceptible latency;
Simplified I/O routing with pre-configured settings, allowing immediate recording and playback;
Front panel with dedicated volume knob and buttons for frequency adjustment, and hands-on control of core parameters;
Customizable presets with signal routing, level adjustments, mixer and effects settings;
Customizable monitoring mixes with adjustable volume, pan and reverb.
Real-Time Effects Processing Collection of 37 Synergy Core effects modeled after classic and rare analog outboardgear;
Synergy Core proprietary onboard platform powered by DSP & FPGA chips for real-time effects processing with imperceptible latency.
Included Synergy Core Effects 2 Preamps (GyrafGyratecIX, BA-31)
4 Equalizers (incl. VEQ-1A, VMEQ-5)
5 Compressors & Limiters (incl. Stay-Levin, FET-A76, VCA160)
22 Guitar Amps & Cabs (incl.Bluelux1x12, Tube Guitar Amp)
2 Special Processing Effects (Expander, Noise Gate)
1 Reverb Effect (Auraverb)
1 Guitar Tuner (A-Tuner)

LCD-X Tech Spec

Features Specification
Style Over-ear, open-back
Transducer type Planar Magnetic
Magnetic structure Proprietary magnet array
Phase management Fazor
Magnet type Neodymium N50
Diaphragm type Ultra-thin
Transducer size 106 mm
Maximum power handling 5W RMS
Maximum SPL >130dB
Frequency response 10Hz - 50kHz
THD <0.1% @ 100dB
Impedance 20 ohms
Sensitivity 103 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
Minimum power requirement >100mW
Recommended power level >250mW
Weight 635g
Computer Interface Type USB 2.0 Type-C
Connections (Input) 1 x S/PDIF Coaxial
Mic Preamps (Max)  
Instrument Inputs (Max)  
Phantom Power No
Sample Rate (Max) 192 kHz
Bit Resolution  
iPad Compatible No
Connections (Output) 1 x S/PDIF Coaxial
Dimensions (mm)  
DSP Processing No
Misc. Notes  
Additional Information
Scan Code LN120398
Model Number Zen Go Synergy Core
GTIN 853744004878

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Antelope Audio - 'Zen Go Synergy Core'+ Audeze - 2021 LCD-X Creator Pack with Lightweight Case
Antelope Audio - 'Zen Go Synergy Core'+ Audeze - 2021 LCD-X Creator Pack with Lightweight Case