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TG-Power Forge - A MUST BUY -Tagan Power Forge PCI-E (Single PSU to VGA Surge Protection)
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TG-Power Forge - A MUST BUY -Tagan Power Forge PCI-E (Single PSU to VGA Surge Protection)

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Product Overview
Did you know that not all PSUs have built-in surge protection and EMI Radiation?

If yours doesn't then the Tagan Graphic Card Protector is the ideal piece of hardware to help protect your
VGA card. Compared to the cost of your graphics card this is great insurance for not a lot of money!

Tagan's newest Power Forge video card protector. The perfect protection against sudden short circuit and prevents your expensive VGA from being fried. EMI embedded converter for PSU without REMI Shield on PCI-Express socket.

It is made for over voltage, over current, and short circuit protection. The best video protection to get on power supplies without Tagan's patented REMI shield.

Built-in Graphic Card Protector to safeguard and protect the VGA card up to a 12V electrical power surge from your PC PSU
Graphic Card Protector is a 12V electric protector against PC damage from power failed by over voltage or over current
REMI cord can reduce electronic ripple and noise to stabilize EMI interference

Over Voltage / Current Protection
Specification: 12V OVP / 12V OCP
Minimum: 14.5V / 19.0A
Average: 15.2V / 20.6A
Maximum: 16.0V / 23.0A
Technical Specification
Output Power Capacity (W):
Output Power Capacity (VA):
Max Configurable Power (W):
Max Configurable Power (VA):
Output Power Connectors (Battery Backup):
Output Power Connectors (Surge Protection):
Typical recharge time:
Surge energy rating :
Typical Backup Time (Half Load):
Typical Backup Time (Full Load):

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12 months
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DOA Period:
1 days
RTB Period:
12 months
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