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Corsair 60GB Force Series LS SSD - Solid State Drive - CSSD-F60GBLS

60GB Corsair Force Series LS, 2.5" SSD, SATA III - 6Gb/s, Phison Controller, Toggle NAND, Read 560MB/s, Write 535MB/s

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End Of Life
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Product Overview Force Series LS provides solid performance at great value, as well as a reliable solid-state storage for any PC or notebook with a standard 2.5” drive bay. It’s also backward compatible with SATA 2 and SATA 1 for maximum compatibility. The thin 7mm height, low heat generation, reliable solid-state design drive make it ideal for all applications, from desktop PCs to the ultra-thin notebooks.
Features Cool and quiet, with low power consumption
Traditional mechanical hard drives spin at thousands of revolutions per minute. This takes power, and generates noise and heat. Since SSDs have no moving parts, there's no noise or vibration, and the lower power consumption helps keep things cool inside your PC.

Sleek and lightweight 7mm drive
Sleek and lightweight 7mm drive that works with laptop or desktop

Corsair SSD toolbox management
- Update the latest firmware, over-provision your drive to increase longevity and improve performance.
- SMART status update, secure erase and clone the drive.
- Auto schedule TRIM command regularly to optimize your drive.

Wear Leveling
Built-in advanced dynamic and static wear-Leveling algorithm to extend life expectancy of the NAND flash.

Error Correction Code
Built-in hardware ECC circuit (up to 72bits/1KB) to detect and correct errors occur during read process as well as protect from data corruption.

Supports S.M.A.R.T, TRIM, and internal garbage collection
Keeps you informed of the status of your drive (S.M.A.R.T.) and keeps your drive working in top condition (TRIM and internal garbage collection)

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36 months
DOA Period:
28 days
RTB Period:
36 months
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0871 472 4747
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Date Issued: 7th May 2010

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are fast becoming the must-have PC components of 2010. Serving as primary storage space for high-end computers, SSD's super-fast transfer rates and near-instant accesses offer genuine advantages over traditional spindle-based magnetic drives.

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Corsair 60GB Force Series LS SSD - Solid State Drive - CSSD-F60GBLS
Corsair 60GB Force Series LS SSD - Solid State Drive - CSSD-F60GBLS