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Toshiba HD5D 256GB Enterprise Class SSD SATA 3 Solid State Drive UltraSlim 7mm Enterprise Class NCQ

256GB Toshiba HD5D, 2.5" SSD, SATA III Slim 7mm 6Gb/s, 19nm MLC-Flash, Read 552MB/s, Write 512MB/s, 90,000 IOPS Max

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This family of solid state drives (SSDs) utilises the advanced Multi-Level Cell (MLC) 19nm NAND technology from Toshiba. With an unrivalled combination of capacity, performance and power efficiency, the THNSNH range delivers an uncompromised storage solution for high end and thin notebooks, tablets, PCs, all-in-one desktop computers as well as industrial PC applications. The small form factor drives boast a high capacity of up to 512 GB and are available in a range of sizes: THNSNHxxxGBST (9.5mm height, 60, 128, 256, 512 GB), THNSNHxxxGCST (7.0mm height, 60, 128, 256, 512 GB) and the THNSNHxxxGMCT (mSATATM).

The THNSNH range of SSDs features Toshiba’s QSBCTM (Quadruple Swing-By Code), a strong and highly efficient Error Correction Code (ECC) protecting against any read errors in the device. Furthermore, deterministic zeroing TRIM function is supported, allowing the host operating system to inform the SSD about data blocks which are no longer in use and can be wiped internally. The THNSNH series also utilises Advanced Power Management (APM) technology to ensure the lowest levels of energy consumption. With an additional ‘data corrupt protection’ feature, the SSDs protect any data which is being moved internally, against unexpected power-loss and write errors.

The THNSNH is one of the most desirable SSD solutions available on the market today ensuring Toshiba as the NAND Flash technology leader. Features • 256GB of Storage Capacity
• 19 nm MLC NAND Flash
• Fast Access and Transfer Rates
• Excellent Power Consumption
• Toshiba Strong Error Correction Code (ECC)
• Data corrupt protection from unexpected power loss

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Toshiba HD5D 256GB Enterprise Class SSD SATA 3 Solid State Drive UltraSlim 7mm Enterprise Class NCQ
Toshiba HD5D 256GB Enterprise Class SSD SATA 3 Solid State Drive UltraSlim 7mm Enterprise Class NCQ