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Samsung S24A300BL 24" Widescreen LED Monitor Black DVI Full HD

23.6" Samsung SyncMaster LS24A300BL/EN LED Gloss Black Full HD, DVI/VGA, 1920x1080, 1000:1, 230cd/m2, 5ms

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End Of Life
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Product Overview The Samsung S24A300B LED Monitor incorporates a host of amazing features to boost both your work and entertainment needs.

The monitor’s amazing performance is matched by innovative eco solutions like the unique Eco savings function, which ensures that the outstanding experience also minimises its impact on the environment.

Features such as the Mega Dynamic Contrast and Wide angle viewing deliver a visual experience that will lift your multimedia content to new heights. With so many brilliant features, the S24A300B Monitor is ready to change the way you interact with your monitor.

• Discover the brilliant LED monitor difference
• Enhance your experience with eco solutions
• See unbelievable colour with Mega Dynamic Contrast
• Take control of your energy levels with Eco savings Features Upgrade to the next level with Mega Dynamic Contrast.
Experience amazing new levels of colour, brilliance and picture quality through the very latest in Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. Samsung SA300 monitors deliver images so real-to-life that it will transform your whole viewing experience. Packed with breathtaking 5000000:1 contrast ratio, the highest level currently available, the SA300 monitor ensures that blacks are at their absolute darkest and (with pristine whites) colours are at their brightest. You will immediately notice the crystal clear picture and its unbelievable intensity. It is like an explosion of colours and leaves other screens seeming dull in comparison. So, take your viewing pleasure to the next level with Samsung Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio – and enjoy your multimedia content with the professionalism it deserves.

Control brightness, conserve energy.
Eco saving makes saving energy easy. It adjusts the brightness of your Samsung monitor based on how much energy you want to save. And with the choice of three energy saving modes (50%, 25% and Power Saving off), you can really tailor your monitor use to meet your own personal needs. Samsung’s commitment to saving energy is designed to help both you and the environment, and with up to 50% saving on consumption, you can really make a positive impact on your eco footprint. Take the effort out of saving energy and take control with Eco saving.

See it your way with wider viewing angles.
How do you like to watch movies? Do you like lying down on the couch? Sitting in your favourite chair? Cooking or exercising? Whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down, Samsung Magic Angle makes sure that the movie always takes centre stage and that you’re always comfortable. This means, thanks to the 5-mode angle management, that whatever angle you watch your Samsung monitor, you will enjoy a full visual experience with amazing picture clarity. So, start seeing your favourite movies and other multimedia in total comfort and without limitations thanks to Magic Angle.

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Samsung S24A300BL 24" Widescreen LED Monitor Black DVI Full HD
Samsung S24A300BL 24" Widescreen LED Monitor Black DVI Full HD