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G Fuel Sugar Free Caffeinated Blue Ice Gaming Energy Drink Sachet

1x G-Fuel 7g Single Stick Sachet - Blue Ice - Contains Caffeine, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Single Serving, Mix with Water

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End Of Life
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Product Overview WARNING: This is a HIGH Caffeine Energy Power Mix Which is Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.(if you are under the age of 18 please ask for parental permission before purchasing, Not Intended for use by anyone with a Medical Condition, Contemplating becoming Pregnant or Pregnant /Nursing a Baby, Taking any Medication, High Blood Pressure or Heart Problems if in doubt please consult your Doctor/Physician before using this product

This is a Power Mix for Water Directions for Use : Add 1x single-serving stick to anywhere between 330ml to 1 Litre of water depending on taste. Stir or Shake if in a bottle

G FUEL is a Power Form Low Calorie Sugar Free an all-natural High Caffeine Vitamin Energy Formula that is mixed with 330ml to 1 Litre of Water made by Gamers, for Gamers! Gamma Labs designed G Fuel to fill the void of those looking for a healthier alternative to sugary, carbonated energy drinks. G FUEL will give you an immediate increase in energy, focus, and endurance! And since it's all-natural, it's perfect for uses outside of gaming, such as before practice, when you're at the office, during an intense workout, or whenever you need a boost! G FUEL comes in Nine flavours; Apple, Grape, Fazeberry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Blue Ice, Pink Lemonade, and Watermelon.

Supercharge Your Brain and Body
G Fuel was formulated out of necessity to give you "in the moment" focus, driven by a calm consistent energy. Whether you're in the game, in the gym, or even in the office - G Fuel drops you back in life's driver seat.

While energy drinks pretend to give you buzzing energy with their sugars and syrups, they don't quite fit the bill. Think back and remember the last time you heard about energy drinks causing health problems due to their nasty chemicals and additives. This is part of the reason why we created G Fuel - a solution that gives you clean and straight energy all throughout your day. Not only does G Fuel come in a variety of flavour's that taste great, but G Fuel is water based and sugar free - which means that it's better for you.

What if you could flip a switch and instantly unlock limitless energy, focus, and concentration?

In order to explain why G Fuel is the "hand" that flips this switch, I need to ask you a question. Do you know what MMA fighters, pro gamers, thrill seekers, and even some of the most physically fit athletes in the world have in common? They're running on G Fuel.

But remember, you don't have to be an athlete to use G Fuel. Our entire world runs on energy, focus, and concentration - every job, sport, and lifestyle. Whether you're looking for an edge or just a driving force to get you through the day, G Fuel is the Energy Formula you've been looking for.

Q: How do you drink it?
A: G FUEL Energy Formula comes in powder form. It is NOT an edible bar, gel, or a pre-made drink. We did this mainly for your convenience, since G FUEL does not have to be refrigerated and can be carried around in your backpack or brief case. To make it, simply add either ½ to 1 scoop/1 Single Serving Stick to between 330ml to 750ml of water depending on taste. Stir and enjoy! It's that easy.

Q: How many servings come in a single tub or a single box?
A: G FUEL Energy Formula is available in a 40 serving tub (1 scoop/1 serving full serving ), as a box of 20 single-serving stick packs, or as Individual single-serving sticks. The scoopers in our tubs are specially designed to fit perfectly into the top of one of our shaker cups or a water bottle. No make-shift funnels out of paper are necessary. No Mess. No Waste. If you are looking to fuel up on the go, our single-serving stick packs are perfect for you

Q: How long does G FUEL take to work? And how long does it last?
A: It'll take about 10-15 minutes after consuming for G FUEL to kick in. And depending on how many servings you take (you should start by taking just 1), it can last between 4-6 hours! The best part is... unlike sugary, syrup filled energy drinks, there's NO CRASH once the effects wear off.

Q: How many servings of G FUEL can I drink in one day?
A: Treat G FUEL as the same as drinking a Large High Street Cup of coffee, since the amount of caffeine is very similar (150 mg per serving). We suggest starting out with 1/2 serving to see how it feels, and then increasing it from based on how much energy you need. Our recommended maximum daily dosage is 3 servings.

Q: Is it safe for everyone to drink? What about those under the age of 18?
A: The answer is yes, G FUEL is completely safe to drink. If you're allowed to drink coffee (aka consume a high amount of caffeine), then you can take G FUEL. All our products are made with all-natural ingredients ONLY! We never use banned substances (and never will). G FUEL is also sugar-free, gluten-free, and packed with TONS of antioxidants and b-vitamins! At the end of the day, if you're still unsure whether or not you can drink G FUEL, please consult your with your Doctor/Physician and off course your Parents before using this product

Please Note image of Supplement facts is showing Contents per serving - but is taken from the Pink Lemonade 20 serving pack. This item you are viewing is an Individual 7g Blue Ice Flavour Stick which contains 1 Serving ONLY. Features G FUEL has been compounded with 650mg worth of antioxidants deriving from 19 different fruits providing over 3x more antioxidants than our previous formula. Vitamin C, B6 and B12 have been added to not only provide immense nutritional value to the energy supplement, but also to mesh with the antioxidants and provide unparalleled focus and concentration throughout your day.

It’s a formula that gives you steady energy, focus, and concentration - with no jitters or crash. A formula that owes its birth to gamers. Gamers are people who require split-second decision making, high level mental energy, and fail-safe concentration. Naturally, you need these too, along with every person on the planet.

Please Note image of Supplement facts is showing Contents per serving - but is taken from the Pink Lemonade 20 serving pack. This item you are viewing is an Individual 7g Blue Ice Flavour Stick which contains 1 Serving ONLY.

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G Fuel Sugar Free Caffeinated Blue Ice Gaming Energy Drink Sachet
G Fuel Sugar Free Caffeinated Blue Ice Gaming Energy Drink Sachet