Moving into the future with Scan ebb3 & Willmott Dixon.

In December 2018, Scan Computers teamed up with ebb3 to create a hardware and cloud workstation to meet the needs of a traditional industry moving into the future of technology. The organisation the solution was designed for was Willmott Dixon, the UK's leading independent construction and property services company.

Willmott Dixon needed a more efficient on-site solution in terms of cost and time savings. As well as this, the secondary goal of the project was to improve and increase customer approval and engagement in projects.

Since integrating the customised solutions, customer sign off times have been reduced from four to six weeks to two days. As well as this, the traditional method of agreeing changes on site, amending designs, uploading files etc. has been drastically reduced with the direct cloud access to the BIM and data sources needed, from wherever they are located.

All of this has resulted in a fast and flexible sign off process for all involved, with direct instant access available for not only Willmott Dixon, but its suppliers and customers as well. The solution implemented also negated the chance of expensive onsite thefts or damage as it replaced expensive workstations with Raspberry Pi's. This then allowed easy transportation to offsite locations making it easier to agree to changes and work on them in real time, via the cloud, rather than amending them at a later date.

This technology has been transformational to the Willmott Dixon project team’s ability to engage with BIM models and other data sources. It has exploded the teams understanding, and highlights errors and improvements well before they commence onsite.

Due to the success of the solution, Willmott Dixon has also extended out this facility to its customers, who use this system to better understand the design at various stages, sign-off proposals, and communicate better with their internal and external stakeholders. This technology ultimately drives collaboration, which is paramount to a successful construction project.