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Scan Cloud’s portfolio includes managed 3XS services such as Pro Graphics Cloud Workstation, Pro Video Cloud Workstation, Virtual PC and DGX as a Service; plus NVIDIA options for deployment as private clouds such as RTX Virtual Workstation, Virtual PC, and Virtual Compute Server. Although all these technologies provide high-performance cloud platforms - the most suitable for your organisation may be dependent on your size or in-house capabilities.

With that in mind, we want you to be sure that all organisations - from corporate companies to public sector establishments have the ability to ensure a virtualised IT solution is right for their particular project or use case - whether that be visualisation, rendering or compute. So at Scan Cloud, we provide the ability for you to try out any of our GPU-accelerated cloud platforms as a Proof of Concept (POC) - all guided by our team of experts to ensure you get the maximum benefit and insight from your trial.

SCAN Cloud vs private cloud
Users Multiple organisations but
securely hosted and segregated
Only your organisation
Upfront costs No Yes
Admin required for management of users Yes Yes
Maintenance required for infrastructure No Yes
Additional costs as users scale Licences only Hardware & Licences
Suitability Smaller organisations Larger organisations

Which solution is right for you?

The most powerful professional visualisation and compute GPUs are the NVIDIA RTX series. RTX GPUs, delivered virtually by 3XS Cloud Workstations cards bring a host of features to the professional user enabling far greater creativity, control and capability.

3XS Pro Graphics Cloud Workstation

deep learning computer system

The Pro Graphics Cloud Workstation from 3XS delivers a number of profiles aimed at various intensities of graphical workload to suit any type of content creation or design. Optional Omniverse Enterprise technology from NVIDIA can also be added to offer the ultimate in real-time collaborative graphics capability.

3XS Pro Video Cloud Workstation

3xs data science workstation

The Pro Video Cloud Workstation from 3XS delivers a number of profiles aimed at various intensities of video workflows to suit any type of editing or production. Optional Omniverse Enterprise technology from NVIDIA can also be added to offer the ultimate in real-time collaborative video capability.

3XS Cloud Rendering Service

nvidia dgx-a100

The Cloud Rendering Service offered by 3XS Cloud delivers a number of profiles designed to accelerate GPU or CPU rendering engines, leaving your cloud workstations free for your artists and engineers to keep working.

3XS AI & HPC in the Cloud

nvidia dgx-a100

NVIDIA GPU-accelerated servers are the gold standard when it comes to high performance compute power - ideal for training models with deep learning and AI workloads, big data analytics and complex scientific simulations. The AI and HPC cloud profiles enable any organisation to take advantage of these supercomputers without the need to invest in on-premise or hosted hardware and its associated maintenance.

3XS Cloud PC

nvidia dgx-1

3XS Cloud PC from delivers a single profile aimed at aimed at delivering a VDI solution to any organisation. It is designed for everyday office applications such as Microsoft Office.

NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC) and vApps

deep learning computer system

Workers who use graphics intensive applications and often multitask across dual monitors can leverage Virtual PC to scale VDI deployments with a consistently appealing user experience. The flexible options allow virtual desktops to be deployed at any scale with the combined advantage of vApps too.

NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS)

3xs data science workstation

Designers and engineers working with increasingly complex models can work more efficiently, collaborate across geographies, and bring their creations to market more quickly with RTX Virtual Workstation. The technology, powered by 3XS hardware and NVIDIA, enables remote and flexible working without losing the GPU power you require.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

deep learning computer system

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is a powerful real-time simulation and collaboration platform for 3D production pipelines based on NVIDIA RTX technology and building on vWS capabilities. The 3XS Cloud team can advise on the complete solution - from licences and functionality to certified RTX hardware.

NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS)

3xs data science workstation

Virtual Compute Server provides the ability to virtualise GPUs and accelerate compute-intensive server workloads including AI, Deep Learning, and High Performance Computing (HPC). The platform removes the need for on-premise hardware and includes support for more than 600 GPU-accelerated applications

Hosted in Secure Datacentres

Scan IT has partnered with a number of datacentre partners to offer secure hosted proof of concept trials ensuring your data is safe whilst you sample our range of solutions. We will provide you with access these environments so you can evaluate and benchmark any systems you require.

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